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BootCamp: ScreenSavers and Display Timeout ?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by ilkevinli, Apr 8, 2006.

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    I have installed WinXP on my MacBook Pro using bootcamp. For some reason, the screen savers and display timeout don't work. Is anyone else's working for them ?? Thanks.
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    Someone out there has to have installed WinXP on their MacBook Pro and can tell me if there Sceensavers and Display timeout come on with the time that was set.

    I want to make sure its a bug with Bootcamp and not my comp.
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    I heard somewhere that there was a bug where the time would reset every time you booted in. Not very sure but that's what i heard. If that was true, then it is probably a problem with boot camp. i doubt it is your computer.
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    i too have the same problem. the screensaver will not activate in windows XP on the MacBook Pro using bootcamp. maybe someone knows how to fix it?
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    The screensaver comes on fine on an iMac..
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    I believe the issue is only with MacBooks.

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    no screensaver here (macbook pro)

    same issue, the screensaver just doesnt work unless you launch it manually (control panels->display->screensaver->preview).
    im on a 17" macbook pro running xpsp2

    just last night i fixed my isight which didnt work (and is also a common problem - http://forum.onmac.net/showthread.php?t=1528)

    there's still a loot of beta in this beta, sigh :(

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    did you update to Bootcamp 1.1? that will fix most of the problems you're having.
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    actually, im installing bootcamp for the first time on BC1.1

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    I just got mine 3 days ago from macmall. I had then pre-install XP on it. How do I know if they use Bootcamp 1.1?

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    From OS X:

    Applications > Utilities > Boot Camp Assistant

    Lauch then select Boot Camp Assistant > About Boot Camp
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    yep... same problem for me with the screen saver not working in xp pro. It was working fine at first... so i think it must be something i have installed.

    Im going to investigate and see if it was either my google desktop/finalscratch installation or playing around with the default power settings.

    It's a macbook with bootcamp 1.1.
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    Yep, I have this problem too..running WinXP SP2 on MBP 15"
    If anyone finds a fix please do let us know.

    Thanks in advance.

    - my first post! :)
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    screensaver not working

    for the first couple months my screen saver and power management utilities worked fine, then one day they stopped working. Screensaver doesn't come on and computer does not go to sleep. I updated to bootcamp 1.1.2 and then installed the new drivers and then my screensaver worked. I don't know what I did after that but the screensaver stopped working again so i tried to reinstall the new drivers again, it didn't work. Also after updating left clicking (apple key + click) stopped working. And my system restore has never worked even though it is on. If anyone has any suggestions, please post
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    It is funny that you mention this issue. I also have the same issue with Vista on my Macbook where the screen saver will not activate automatically.

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    I'm encountering this problem in Windows XP - (no screensaver, or timer monitor shutdown).

    The only thing I can find is people dealing with wireless mice/keyboards and a microsoft fix, but I'm using the standard keyboard and mouse on my MBP.

    Maybe it is something with HID compliant devices, because they are listed in my hardware devices, but maybe that's something internal because it is an MBP vs. external.

    Anyone ever solve this? I installed Windows XP Pro with Bootcamp 1.2 - and am mostly pleased - this is my only real problem.

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