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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by crazy$hark, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. crazy$hark, Jul 6, 2011
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    I am thinking of running windows on my mid 2009 MacBook pro using bootcamp so that I can play crysis 2. I have some questions about it. How does bootcamp work? If I don't like it, can I remove bootcamp to make my HDD single again? Will I lose all my files by doing that?

    And also how much space would you recommend for the partition if i only want to use it for 2-3 games.
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    Which version of Windows are you hoping to run? If they're supported by Windows XP, I'd recommend that because it uses the least system resources. You can remove the BootCamp partition later using the same assistant that you use to make it, and no this doesn't harm your Mac files or operating system.
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    I might use xp or 7. Im not sure which one yet though.
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    I recommend the following rules when deciding on a Boot Camp partition size:
    1. Allow 10-20 GB for the OS + updates
    2. Then, add the maximum installed size of all applications, including temporary files
    3. Finally, add at least 5% padding
    As an example:
    I'm installing Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. That needs 15 GB free space to install in, plus some space for updates. We'll start with 20GB.
    I plan to use MS Office 2010 Home and Student on this Windows installation. That needs 3 GB of space, plus room for documents and updates. Add 5 GB more - total is now 25 GB. That's all I need Windows for.
    Finally, add 5% padding. 25 * 1.05 = 26.25 GB. Rounding up to the nearest gigabyte, that means my partition should be at least 27 GB.
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    that sound reasonable. What if i decide later that i don't want a partitioned drive anymore. How would I delete the partition and will it affect the macbook files?
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    It's easy to do - the Boot Camp Assistant will offer to remove the Windows partition after Boot Camp has been set up (obviously, you have to be booted into Mac OS X first). No, anything on the Mac side will be unaffected.
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    Not a bad starting point, but several folks have been surprised by two potentially very large files.

    The default swap and hibernation files are as big as your RAM, so if you have 4 GB of RAM add 8GB to that total, and if you have 8 GB add 16 GB. You can see where this is going if you have 16 GB. :p Real big real fast.

    Another thing to point out is that even though Boot Camp Assistant is nominally non-destructive to your Mac partition both creating and removing a BC partition, you should still have a good backup before you go down the Boot Camp path.

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    I have the same laptop, install xp is better idea than window 7 if you just want to play game, there is no harm about it, so dont worry :D
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    Do you think Crysis 2 will run on my macbook? Heres the picture of my "About This Mac"
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    I'm not too sure, but I dont think it can tho. When u install window on, the mac run slower in my opinion. Also Crisis requires massive of Ram, i guess 8Gb.
    You can try to run the game in the lowest performance but it will still be low fps.
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    Crysis 2 requires 3GB of RAM max and i have 4. Im just worried about the graphics card. Here's the link to the requirements - http://www.ea.com/crysis-2/blog/pc-specs
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    I'm not too sure about it. Because I have 4Gb Ram, I tried to play Prototype which require only 2Gb on Xp. Even I reduce everything to the lowest setting, it still wont run smoothly. I dont know whether it is because of my Mac or what.:(
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    i say 65gb+ for your Windows Partition

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