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Booting G5 from Ubuntu Disk... Help!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Jac0b, Aug 10, 2011.

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    Hey I have a Powermac G5 and I wanted to try out Ubuntu 11.04 and so I burned the iso image from there website to a CD R using Roxio Toast. And then I inserted the disk and restarted while holding "C" and it won't boot from the disk! I also tried holding ALT but, it won't show Ubuntu disk. I tried youtube but, all they show me is how to do it in VirtualBox and VMware. I have OS X Panther and it is getting old! There is nothing left for 10.3! And I can't install Leopard because it is a DMG file ( I got it legally ) and I need to make another Partition but, I can't figure out how. So if someone could help find out why it won't boot from Ubuntu I would be very thankful:D.
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    Ubuntu doesn't support PowerPC hardware AFAIK

    To make another partition you are going to need to use disk utility, restore the .dmg file to there, and then boot to that partition.. It only needs to be the size of the .dmg file and you can restore the hard drive to a single partition after you install leopard.

    If you don't know how to use disk utility to do it I can explain further..
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    Did you get the PowerPC build of Ubuntu?
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    I got Ubuntu 11.04. I don't think there is a PPC build for Ubuntu 11.
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    There will be. The people still dedicated to the PowerPC builds always have the new builds out eventually. It takes time to convert all that x86 code.
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    Thanks for the help:). Now I don't have to sit in front of the computer trying to pull my hair out about this. Hopefully they will come out with the PPC version soon cause I am getting tired of OS X Panther.


    Hey, could you tell me how to do it in disk utility? Everytime I have tried to partition my HD it wouldn't let me do anything because I was booted from my HD and I don't have anything else to boot from.
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    Well if you are able to burn a PPC ubuntu install disk you can partition it using that when you go to install, but I wouldn't recommend doing that because it could screw up your panther drive.

    I forgot panther doesn't allow you to partition the boot drive while it's running.. Do you know if panther allows booting from a FireWire external drive? If it does it'll be a good investment for a backup and a way to install leopard. You are going to want to install leopard before you do ubuntu if you want a dual boot setup.

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