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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by krspkbl, Jan 7, 2013.

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    not even had it 2 weeks yet and the left cmd key has broken. i don't have a clue how it happened. i've been babying my new air. i freaked out when i saw it's first scratch (thanks to my cat).

    came home on saturday and noticed that the left cmd key wasn't pressing down. upon further inspection i saw a small piece of plastic stuck. managed to remove it with the help of a needle. didn't remove the cap in the process.

    the key works fine but obviously something has broken underneath and now the key is loose. i'm not happy that this has happened to a computer i bought only 2 weeks ago. if it had happened in a year or two from now then sure, fine, **** happens.

    i'm not going to even attempt to remove the key cap incase it breaks any further and i'm not paying for a new cap/scissor mechanism. i just paid £1079 for this machine.

    i've booked an appointment with the genius bar tomorrow. will they do anything? if it comes to it then i will just need to buy a replacement cap/scissor mechanism. how easy is it to replace it?

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    Yes, they'll most likely replace either the key, the keyboard or your Mac if it's determined that the problem is a manufacturing defect and not the result of abuse or accident.
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    the key works absolutely fine. it's just something underneath has broken. i suspect the cap but could possibly be the scissor mechanism. i'm not willing to remove the cap to inspect it incase it causes further trouble. abuse/accident is definitely not the case. i wouldn't abuse a new machine and i've taken care of the air.
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    That is wise. Just let the Genius Bar handle it.
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    exactly my thoughts! if i were to damage it then they wouldn't do anything. i'll leave it to them to check it out.
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    my first 2012 mac air arrived with a broken "s" key ... it sounded crunchy!
    i got a replacement and fine so far but there are times when it feels like a key might "go" ... loving my 11" air .. took a while to get used to the small screen after a 15" mbp but now totally happy size wise :)

    m just having trouble finding a slisleeve for it, toe i bout on ebay stamf neoprene so much even after washing, leave out in the rain and scrubing it.
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    My comma key stopped working after 3 weeks. I took it back to the Apple store and he had it fixed in 3 minutes. They pulled the key off and reset it. All good now.
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