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Broken Power Book Display Hinge

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Dave Swift, Aug 8, 2003.

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    My cat just jumped on the display of my girlfriends 3 month old 15" PB. The display still works, but the right hinge has been broken. It looks as though a peice of plastic that holds the hinge to the display has been snapped in half. The display won't close tightly. I don't want to monkey with it too much for fear that I'll do more damage.

    Has anyone else ever dealt with something similiar to this? What was the cheapest fix? Will her warranty cover it (assuming we don't mention the cat...)? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Broken Power Book Display Hinge

    -Dave Swift

    Yes. it should.

    Hinges on the 15"PB's have been known to crack.
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    Well, First off I want to know how badly were you beaten by your girlfriend and is cat still alive? Ohh, and do you have to fix the "holes" in the wall? :)

    Well, If you could snap a picture of the thing and post it here, it would help, as i have no idea what kinda damage we are talking about.

    As for apple support, I doubt they will do anything. You may not mention it was a cat, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that power book sustained a phusical damage.
    And for that you need a "Accidental Damage" protection plan which comes at additional 200 bucks for 3 years I believe, or so.
    But it never hurts to try free service first i guess.

    I'd probably just bring it to thr "shop" and have it repaired for extra cost. Another option many people underestimate is just selling it on ebay as "damaged". Sure you won't get too much for it, but you will lretreive some cash back. And it comes very useful if you just want to get a new machine.
    I remember when brand new Playstation 2 was 200 bucks. People on ebay sold broken/ non working ones for around 80-90 bucks. In your case it still works... so...
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    We sell the hinges and provide repairs as well. The repair is pretty difficult.

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    i'd go to Apple on this one, you might conviently forget the cat part, it would be an accident rather than a manufacturing flaw in their eyes. they should fix it...

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    Apple won't fix the problem, and they view the problem as customer fault, not an accident. If it is sent in to Apple, they'll replace the entrie display and charge you $1300. I've seen it a hundred times.

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    Good news

    Apple did fix the problem. I sent the PB in last Friday and it was repaired and sent back to me on Tuesday free of all charges.
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    That's good news. A lot of our customers tell us that Apple told them the problem wasn't theirs to fix even though they aknowledge a defect in the hinges. Hopefully their taking a more customer friendly stand.


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