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BT Keyboard question

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by HydroMan, Feb 18, 2005.

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    Ok let's get a couple of things straight I have searched this forum and the internet and found no reference what so ever and most importantly NO I am not mad so here goes.

    Every hour on the hour wether my iMac is awake, sleeping or shut down my bluetooth keyboard makes a sound :eek:


    Yes it beeeeeeeeeeeeps every bloody hour and I have to admit it's got to me enough to ask you kind folk to help me beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep out, am I mad or is it a normal thing for a keyboard to announce it's presence to me every single bleeding hour beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep and most importantly can it be switched off and how.

    Any kind of input especially the helpful kind will be appreciated.

    beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep (nyaaargggh) :mad:
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    don't know. mine has never done this. just a wild guess - have you tried replacing the batteries? (maybe it's a low power warning)
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    Thanks for the reply but I should have mentioned that I'd already tried that and at the moment shows 4 bars out of 5 (damn it just beeeeeped again) it's been doing it since day one I thought it was normal and could switch it off later but can't find any kind of preference pane to do this :confused:
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    This probably isn't very helpful, but it sounds like possibly a defective keyboard. I've had an Apple BT keyboard for around a month now, and I wasn't even aware it was capable of beeping.

    Is it by any chance some other brand of BT keyboard?
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    Like I said any input will be appreciated and I also have Apple's BT keyboard which shipped with my BTO iMac G5
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    have you upgraded...

    both the firmware of the BT adapter (inside the Mac) as well as the Keyboard updater?

    this problem occured nearly a year ago, but has since been resolved here.
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    have you tried it on a different mac?

    (i didnt even know they had speakers)
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    I've just updated the firmware, how do I update the keyboard? can't find an updater.

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    Not a chance all my mates have got wintels and my G3 hasn't got BT
    but thanks anyway.

    what's the speaker reference about?
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    Damn it, it's still beeping anyone else know about this keyboard update thing I've looked but can't find any thing on my comp that will do this
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    As a previous poster said, I wasn't even aware that the keyboard could "beep." I have had no trouble with the keyboard, but the mouse has been a little quirky at times.

    Every once in a while, my mouse will not respond after waking the iMac from sleep. I have to manually "re-pair" the two using the BT assistant. This has happened 3 times since I've had the iMac (roughly a 2 week span). The trouble started after I upgraded the firmware, but I installed the upgrade the day after receiving the iMac. So, I can't really attribute the problem to that.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    Sorry...back to the keyboard.

    Your issue is certainly not normal. I would call Apple Care and ask for a replacement.
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    Thanks for your help RGunner just downloaded it and waiting for 02:00 am to come around' but the only niggling thing is the update was released in March 04 and iMac G5's were shipped in September 04, maybe my keyboards shot, I hope not, you should see the state of my once pristine white keyboard I'd be a little embarrassed to return it :eek:
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    in regard to you asking why I brought up speakers....

    to make sounds, It has to have a speaker. Simple as that.
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    I can assure you my keyboard makes a very audible beep, its high pitched and the thing I really don't get is how does it know what time it is when I've shut down my comp it's very precise.

    DanTekGeek give me a break it's late at night here + alcohol = dumass :D
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    Well it's 02.00 am it beeped again I give in, I guess I've got to contact Apple
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    Problem Solved (by accident)

    After scratching my head and resigning myself to thinking the keyboard needed to be replaced I decided to clean out old files (didn't have anything better to do while i was listening to my Team playing away up North on the radio) as I was looking through various folders I eventually got to the utils folder and had a good look around for the first time (I go to disk utility without ever really looking at what's in there, a bit like tunnel vision) and what do you know I found both the keyboard and mouse updaters at the bottom of the window! the only thing I hadn't updated was the mouse, so I thought it wouldn't do any harm to update the mouse and to my complete surprise no more beeps from my keyboard, so I've decided that I will look through every folder to find out what I've got in them (the Finder didn't find the updaters) so no more annoying beeps. :)

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