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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mwpeters8182, Jul 22, 2003.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Recently my PC laptop has started acting up on me, and I'm becoming fed up. Currently I own a G4 Upgraded B&W 400, and an HP ZT1130 laptop. The B&W is loaded for a 5 year old computer - (512 RAM, 40 GB Drive, 32 Meg Video Card) and runs OS X well.

    I want to get rid of the laptop, because I think i can get decent money for it. I've fixed the problems, but when something goes wrong on me, I tend not to trust it -- I have to write my senior thesis this year, and I don't want that to go to the great beyond.

    So I was wondering, what should i do? Here is what i've thought of....

    1) Sell both computers and buy
    - eMac
    - iBook
    - iMac

    2) Sell the laptop, keep the money, wait and buy something 1/2way through the school year

    What do you think?


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    Ambrose Chapel

    i personally wouldn't buy an iBook, especially if you plan on keeping whatever you buy for several years. although people claim that a G3 runs OS X well, the OS itself is optimized for the G4/5's velocity engine, and getting a current G3 will mean you are already outdated, imo.

    the iMac and the eMac are pretty evenly specced, it pretty much boils down to an LCD/aesthetics vs price.

    if you wait, there should be an iMac update (sep according to page 2). have you considered getting the current 12" or 15" PowerBooks? while they may be updated soon, the 15" 867 MHz model can be had for under 2,000, I think, especially with the new, sharper education discount.
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    Do you _need_ a laptop, or is it something you want?

    If want, then sell both and get eMac.

    If need, sell both and get 12" PowerBook with max RAM and hdd.

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    I'd buy a 12" iBook. Between the eMac, iMac, and iBook, you may as well go portable. Once you go portable, you'll never go back. ;) Also, it doesn't sound like you need the power, so anything else is superfluous to your needs.
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    I don't particularly _need_ the laptop, but I've gotten very used to having one. And yes, I don't really need tons of power -- I used to think I did, but if I have to wait an extra 10 sec for my excel sheets to do their calculations or let MATLAB do it's thing, I don't mind. My G4 B&W is fast enough for daily use, and it gets the job done. I want something I can bring around, take to the lab and give presentations with, that's also somewhat quick and runs OS X - I guess the HP did 3 of those 4 -- missing the most important ones. I think i am going to go for the 12" ibook

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    It's been done -- yesterday I made the trip to the Chestnut Hill Apple Store, where I bought the CD-ROM 12" iBook. This allowed me to keep the desktop (Though after playing with the iBook, i'm not sure I need it anymore!!) Either way, I save some money, and I'm quite happy with my purchase so far. Heads and shoulders above the crappy PC laptop I had.

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