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Calculator app possible on iPodtouch?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by katad, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Is a calculator possible like in the iphone? just wondering....
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    Since the Touch SUPPOSEDLY uses the same applications as the iPhone, I imagine people will start developing methods to throw them in the Touch.
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    I believe its already on there.
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    The Calculator is already on the iPod Touch.
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    I feel sorry for this device, I want unlimited native 3rd party apps! and its a serious issue. begging apple for a simple app from time to time is NOT the right way to go for this device.
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    I'm 99.9% sure it'll have third party applications within a week or two after it's released.

    Although not from Apple, but from hackers.
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    I agree, however, I think official support and toolkit would greatly encourage the developers and improve the quality and amount of available apps for end users :)
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    Indeed :).

    But aren't the frameworks for building "real" or "native" iPod touch applications already there? I'm not too familiar to OS X development, but wouldn't it be possible to just link to those frameworks? Isn't that also how they make iPhone applications?
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    Im not sure, I know Apple's "framework" for iphone is "web-based app", which, IMHO, is very limited in functionality, it basically is AJAX interactions on a webpage, these apps can not take any advantages of the hardware and OS. its even more useless on iPod Touch since its not like iPhone, who is 7/24 online.

    I don't know if there is an underground hackers' framework, I would very much like one tho.:D
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    I'm not talking about the web development kit. I'm talking about Apple's development frameworks, which can be found in "/System/Library/Frameworks/" in OS X and probably on the iPhone/iPod touch.

    As far as I know you link to these whenever you write OS X applications. They provide access to things like Cocoa, OpenGL, CoreImage and so on and so forth.
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    oh, understand. I wouldn't be surprised if its already available. for hackers, after all, there is a 500MB system in there.
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    And can't simple apps like a calculator and other widget style things just be done with a web based app? For those sorts of things it would be great if pages could be saved locally on the device.

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