Can APPLE TV work on a NON-HD TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jeffmorr, Jul 28, 2008.

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    I have a :apple:TV and i want to buy and watch a movie on it, but the video doesn't work, i'm using the MONSTER red-blue-green cables because my TV doesn't support HDMI. I don't need it to be in HD, so if anyone knows a way to plug my :apple:TV into a non-HD tv that would be great
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    The Composite still technically IS HD. It can transmit 1080p no problem. The issue you are running into is the lack of HDCP (high def content protection) through component (which is not possible).
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    so you're saying that my blue-red-green cable won't work or will work, because i spent 100$ on my cables (they have 24-caret gold in them)
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    my experience

    When I first bought an AppleTV, I had it connected to a Samsung CRT 480i television via component video cables. I recall renting standard def movies and they played without a problem. With this setup, I was using with the original AppleTV software.

    I think the latest AppleTV 2.0 software still allows 480i, but I'm not sure. Maybe another user can comment. I have recently switched to an HDTV with HDMI.
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    I told you Here you need a red, green, and blue component inputs in your TV to which you replied
    so even after you knew it would not work you spent $100 for no reason. I think it is time for a TV upgrade they sell Vizo's in Wal-Mart for $600 (I think not US).
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    no, i thought that my new monster cables would work. you see, i usually use my apple tv at my city house, but now i'm at my cottage, at my house i connect by HDMI, but here i dont have a plug for that on my TV, so i need help.
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    So even though you knew you did not have the correct inputs you bought anyway:confused::confused::confused:. Well seeing as it won't work I suggest you return the cables.
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    Sounds like a personal problem. Start by returning those.
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    NO, i do have the right inputs, but my Monster cable doesn't work, it plugs into all the inputs fine, but i dont get anything on the screen, i only get the audio. And i can't return it, they told me at the store.
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    For ******** make your mind up do you or don't you, I bet the cable does work it is your TV which is made in 2000 that does not have the inputs, What make and model?
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    For the last time, my TV has the right inputs, i'm shure. my TV is a Toshiba, and i cant find the model
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    Do you have this:

    Or the Red, White and Yellow inputs like blow but on a TV:
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    I think it is clear that the OP has bought the correct cable in terms of the TV having component input connections and the Apple TV having component output connections. Unless of course, he is getting confused by composite and component connections.

    However, as are as I am aware, content bought from iTunes requires HDCP, which I do not think component is capable of decrypting.

    This would be my explanation for receiving sound but no video.

    Edit: This should be the colour of the connections on your TV if you have component:

    Whereas, this is composite where yellow transmits video and red/white transmits audio:
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    northy i have both
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    So why did you say

    Anyway then that leaves HDCP the be the cause unless it is Non-HD content? In which case the cables might be faulty and you should return them.
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    other video

    Can you watch other video content on the AppleTV, such as video podcasts or YouTube videos through the YouTube menu?
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    I was young then, sry

    So is it My APPLE TV that has the problem or my cable
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    no, i dont get a thing
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    Do you know someone who has an HDTV you can hook the AppleTV up to? It may be your TV. My understanding is that AppleTV can work with newer 480i TVs, but not necessarily all of them, even if they have component connections. It may be your TV. Rule that out first. Test the cable with another device, for example a DVD player. etc....
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    You guys, i was just poking around with the cables, and it worked. But then unfortunatly, ten seconds later when it asked me if i would like to restart my device (to get used to the screen) i lost it, i waited for ten minutes, but it's still not working. It's gotta be the video cables because i hear the audio
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    There seems to be QUITE a bit of confusion here...

    First on Component vs. HDMI. HDCP is not an issue with the Apple TV. Everything you can watch with HDMI you can also watch over Component Video.

    If your TV has Component Video (Red/Blue Green) as shown above, and you connect a cable from those jacks on your TV to the same color jacks on your Apple TV - PLUS the Red/White Audio cable (or Digital AUdio cable), you should be able to get a picture.

    Since you have used the APple TV with an HDMI connector, I suspect you may have selected a higher resolution (say 1080i or 1080p) that your TV does not support over component video. This might cause you to lose the picture.

    Not sure how to get you back to the menu on the TV, so you can select the appropriate resolution.

    I don't think the issues is really whether or not you have an HD TV, but whether or not you have component video (or HDMI). There are a number of TV's that are NOT HD that have component video, and I would expect Apple TV to work just fine.

    It is doubtful that your $100 (!) cables are the problem. Remember there is nothing special about component video cables. In a pinch you can use ANY RCA-to-RCA cable, just match up the connections from the Apple TV to the TV. This may be more confusing than it is worth, but if you have extra cables (even two extra sets of red/white audio cables), you can rule out your cable connection.

    I think the answer may be to get the remote key sequence to reset the vide to the default (480i? 480P?)...
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    This would be my guess. This is from the ATV manual:

    To select a video mode:
    1. Press and hold both MENU and + on the Apple Remote for about 6 seconds.
    2. Press + or – on the Apple remote to cycle through the display resolutions.
    3. When AppleTV reaches an acceptable display resolution and “If you can see the Apple logo, select OK” appears on your TV screen, press play/pause.

    So, if you’ve got your ATV set to 1080i and you want to connect it to a 480i TV, you need to change the resolution. If you know ahead of time, I would select the lower resolution from the menu before disconnecting it from the 1080i set so you don’t have to go through the above procedure.

    Next advice: return the Monster cables. Monster products are way overpriced.
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    really? you guys are this confused?

    come on.

    he has an SD tv with COMPONENT inputs. ATV ONLY SUPPORTS HD. Thus the component cables inputs are useless in this case. Just because it has component in, doesnt mean it will work. (btw, just because a plug FITS doesnt mean its the right one) component, audio and composite ALL fit each other. Does that mean plugging audio into a video jack will work? no.

    You are SOL without some hacking or workarounds. it simply wont work. end of story. either get a HDTV or use an ipod with video out cables for the SD set.

    the part i like the most, is the reference to your " two homes... my city house, and my cottage..." yet you are too lazy (or stupid) to read the manual, or the required specs on a device before you bought it... and insist its bad cables. (btw, spending 100 bucks on monster cables is a joke).
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    This is simply not true.

    The Apple TV outputs video over component. There's no magical 'HD component video'. If he selects a resolution that his television is capable of, it should work. The Apple TV will output most everything from 1080p to 480i. I've plugged the Apple TV green component cable into a Commodore 64 monitor and gotten video @480i.

    If the television does not have a widescreen (16x9) mode, then the aspect ratio of the video will be off. The Apple TV does not output video formatted for 4:3 displays.

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    thats funny, because i hooked component up to my old sony WEGA SD set and got no video... toggled through all the output settings as well.

    Either way.... if the aspect does not match than it really doesnt work i would say. Forcing wide content onto a 4:3 set without proper aspect ratio is not a win in my opinion.

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