can I put apps next to each other + conversion questions

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jojoba, Dec 9, 2011.

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    I'm about to take the plunge from PC to a MBA (I think...), and have a bundle of questions:

    - Can anyone tell me if it's possible to put two apps next to each other on the screen on a MBA? I do this a lot for work because I work across docs and applications (for example Word and Excel next to each other) so it would be a big minus for me if the MBA can't do that.

    - I am likely to keep using a Dell laptop as well (it's big and with large capacity because I work a lot with video for work, but it's not portable at all which is one of the reasons why I'd like a MBA) - am I likely to have a lot of 'conversion problems' working between the two units?

    - I'm thinking of getting the 13" with 128 memory, but am uncertain if I should go for the 256. It's a lot of extra money which I don't really have. Is working with a memory stick/ external hard drive on a MBA just as good?

    - Is the upgrade to i7 worth the money?

    Thanks in advance for any insights :)
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    Of course! You can have as many apps and windows open as you like on Mac OS X, and arrange them however you choose.
    Not likely, but it depends on what apps you use. Documents created with Microsoft Office for Mac are very compatible with MS Office for Windows. Photos, music and movies all play well on both. Rarely will you see compatibility issues.
    It's perfectly fine to keep user files on an external drive or USB drive.
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    Great, thanks for that!

    What do people think of the i7 upgrade? Worth the money? :confused:
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    I don't think it's really going to make a huge jump. I went for the i5 MacBook Pro and my friend went for the same 13" model with the i7. Negligible differences and mostly un noticeable so I wouldn't bother. I'm looking at an Air in the new year and would probably just rock it out on the base 13" and use an external hard drive or SDXC for media files.

    I came from Windows to Mac in March and honestly would never go back. If you have any doubts then visit an Apple store and talk to any of their amazingly knowledgeable staff and put your mind at ease before you hand over the money.

    Good luck :)
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    Thanks :) I think I'll do like you and go for the base line 13". I think I'm fully converted, too, mentally :D I got an iPad not that long ago and was really impressed with the staff in the shop, really knowledgable and helpful, and I love the intuitive user interface on the iPad. Since I got that, it has addressed my main portability needs which is why I'd like a 13" MBA which is still portable "enough" so it's easy to travel with but gives me more screen for 'serious' work.

    I think I've decided on a 128, too. I'll be working a fair bit with remote desktop, hardly ever take pictures and rely mainly on spotify for music. That should be OK, right??

    Anyone else with input, please keep it coming!
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    TBH, in benchmark tests the Air 13" only scored about 100points LESS than the 13" Pro so it is a fully portable desktop machine which will be more than adequate for you.
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    Great. So I'm decided now. :) I actually tried to buy one today but they were sold out so I'm going to order one online now. I'm excited :D Thanks for your help!

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