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Can I stop messages from opening automatically?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Gonky, Oct 18, 2012.

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    Every time I get a new iMessage the app opens onto my desktop, which is really frustrating. I do use the app quite regularly but also use the computer to demo things and don't want colleagues to see my girlfriend letting me know that dinner is ready or something. I have 'when I quit messages set my status to offline' ticked in preferences.
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    I notice the same thing even when the app is not running. It must have some sort of system service that monitors for new messages. The only way I see to stop it is to uncheck "enable this account" in the iMessage accounts section of the preference panel.
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    Frustrating because I do use it, just don't want it forced upon me. Never used to do with with the messages beta on Lion!
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    command H keeps it down for me.

    when you have it open, select "hide"
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    Having the same problem, why is there not a simple notification that you click and THEN open Messages…

    Oh and after they fixed that, make the application usable. Half of my messages don't arrive, displaying the red exclamation sign. Really, really annoying. And the application sometimes suddenly deletes earlier messages when updating (and the updates are often NOT pushed but at random moments.)

    Shame on you Apple.
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    As far as I know, Messages is not supposed to automatically open when you receive a new message. You receive a visual notification and only if you click on it the application will open.

    Have you tried turning Do Not Disturb on? Open Notification Center and scroll down, you will see a switch. Try that and see what happens.
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    You're 100% correct. It has never opened to me. Can even stop the little pop up balloons from appearing on the desktop and have it only display on the notification area. Or just stop it altogether.
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    same issue here; it just opens on it's own when there's a message.
    so...disabled my account. will use my phone for now.

    this needs a fix asap!..
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    From: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4422373?tstart=60
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    For me it was my blackmagic card. It has a start app when camera is connected thing. Unticked it and now it doesn't start.

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