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Can I sync notes between Mail and iPod touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ChrisBrightwell, Feb 28, 2008.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm pretty sure that this is a feature on the iPhone, but I can't figure out how to do it on my iPod touch. Am I missing a magical checkbox somewhere, or is this feature just not available to iPod touch users?

    Thanks. :)
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    Anyone? I've been searching off and on throughout the day, but can't find anything definitive.
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    If you mean, go back and forth, no. You can send a note to your email. Look at this - may help:

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    That's just stupid.

    What good is a notepad if I can't make a note (say ... a shopping list) on my Mac, sync it to my iPod, and take it with me?!

    /me makes a feature request.
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    You can with the app I linked you to.
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    The OP wants to make a note on his Mac and sync it with his Touch. I told him that would not work, but that he could make notes on the Mac and move (sync) them with the program now called PhoneView.

    Works great.
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    PhoneView - Not quite what I am looking for.

    I agree that PhoneView(a bit pricey in my view) does allow you to sync Notes(and many, many other things I don't need) but it is not slick in that it has to reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch to do it. Surely some one will come up with a simple app that just allows one to--well--sync Notes. :) How about an app called iSyncNotes. You write it--I'll buy it. :)
    BTW, PhoneView has a nice demo you can try before you buy.

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