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Can I transfer apps from iPod (or other computer) to new computer?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by TheNorthWaves, Sep 29, 2008.

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    here's the thing - air sharing was free a couple weeks ago and I downloaded it to my mac mini and installed it on the ipod touch. It is now $7. I just bought a macbook this weekend and decided I want to sync the ipod touch with the macbook instead. However, it seems that I can't do that without erasing all the crap on my ipod. Is there a way to transfer my apps from the pre-existing computer (or from the ipod) to my new macbook, thus allowing me to sync it without losing everything? And yes, I was aware that new macbooks are coming out soon.

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    yeah. just put them on a cd or flash drive and transfer them to an authorized computer (you can have up to 5).

    Just drag the apps that you want from the iTunes window to the flash drive or disc you want them on.
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    Why not just use migration assistant or time machine to restore the files from the mini onto the new notebook. Then you get everything, including the iphone apps.
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    I actually did use time machine but without migration assistant (I wanted to restructure my folders this time around) - what folder are the apps natively in?
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    Wherever your iTunes library is (by default /users/your username/music/iTunes) then in the mobile applications folder. If you just restored from a Time Machine backup from the mini, the files would be in your iTunes library by default.
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    first sign on to your itunes account and find the app you want. Then click download and a message should come up saying that you have already downloaded this app. click ok to download it again. That s what I did and it worked perfectly. Your account doesn't get charged also.
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    Guessing this issue has been resolved.

    Just sayin.
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    Wondering if this issue had been solved and how? Which floor is the best solution?

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