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Can i use this to program for the iphone?

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by ryans79, Apr 14, 2009.

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    I have never bought an Apple machine in my life so i'm a little confused, i want to start making a few apps for the iphone (i dont have an iphone) so i started looking for the cheapest way to get in and came across this:


    Can someone please tell me if its possible to develop on that or is it too old to run the necessary SDKs?
    As you can see, there are no real details on that link... so are there any questions i should ask the guy who's selling it?

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    yea thats too old

    there is a cerain version of itunes required, maybe vs8? and only some macs can run it, not the older ones
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    The SDK requires an Intel Mac with Leopard (although there are hacks to make it work on PPC Macs, but it still requires Leopard). That is way too old.
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    Does anybody know if I can use one of these?

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    Thanks, i have never sat on a Mac in my life and know nothing about it at all, but from your response and a little googling, i see "leopard" is version 10.5, right? Please feel free to correct me because i'm totally new to this.

    Also what does "PPC Macs" mean?

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    leopard is 10.5 correct

    ppc is the chips that were in macs before they went intel, ie g3, g4, g5 are ppc chips. intel are the core duos and stuff
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    Leopard is in fact OS X Version 10.5. PPC Mac is a Mac with a Power PC Processor instead of an Intel Processor
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    Thanks for clearing that up guys, will get back to searching for an Intel powered Mac with Leopard.

    Just curious but what would it cost 2nd hand where you guys live?
    (I'm in Sweden btw)

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    A used Intel-Based Mac Mini is about $350(USD) on ebay right now.
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    even if you don't buy it from ebay, mac minis are pretty cheap. you should definetly look out for one of those, it's by far the cheapest way to get into the apple world!
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    Thanks Jeremy1026, I take it you are in the US?

    @BlackWolf: Yep, after a lot of looking around and reading looks like my best option is the mini esp since i can use my own mouse (very important, i dont think i'll ever be able to get used to the mac mouse with no right click - been reading up on Apple 's intro for people coming into the Mac platform and i feel a bit more relaxed now, and even they recommend buying a "normal" mouse if I want right click action) and other hardware.

    They are still pretty darn expensive in Europe thanks to our crazy taxes and +25% of VAT (VAT = value added tax = just another way of screwing you over) so i guess i've gotta wait till a friend is visiting the States or something.

    If you guys have any good links please share, maybe one of the dealers will post to Europe...

    Thanks again,
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    yeah, it's a lot cheaper in the US. btw, if you buy a mighty mouse for your mac mini you have right-click as well, but I wouldn't recommend it, I personally never like the mighty mouse.
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    $70 for a mouse that regularly has scrolling problems (from the reviews)... damn, when apple screws you... they REALLY screw you!

    I think i saw a product on ebay that allows you to use a "normal" cheapo mouse with some kind of adapter... i'll follow along that route if i get a mini..

    Thats one of the reasons i never went Apple before, everything is so closed and tightly integrated that you have to do things the apple way..or the highway... ironically, thats why i have to get an apple now, no choice if i want to program for the iphone.
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    Or you can plug in any USB mouse and have right click.
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    Thanks! Will keep an eye on that.

    If you guys dont mind, can you have a look at my other thread as well?
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    tell me about it ... mini display port my ass.

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