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Can not view ABRecordCopyValue result in debugger

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by HARDWARRIOR, Nov 17, 2008.

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    While I was playing with AddressBook routines in iPhone SDK, found that I can not view variable 'contact' in summary expression
    {(NSString *)ABRecordCopyValue($VAR, kABPersonFirstNameProperty)}
    of debugger's variable list in line #6 of following code:
    	ABAddressBookRef ab = ABAddressBookCreate();
    	NSArray *contacts = (NSArray *)ABAddressBookCopyArrayOfAllPeople(ab);
    	for(NSInteger i = 0; i < contacts.count; i ++) {
    		ABRecordRef contact = [contacts objectAtIndex:i];
    		NSLog(@"%@", (NSString *)ABRecordCopyValue(contact, kABPersonFirstNameProperty));
    I mean while NSlog logs the same expression well, debugger shows summary column of variable 'contact' in grey and does not evalute it. Here how it looks like. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong?

    PS I've attached a simple project with this code

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