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Can someone try to compile Clutter (open source) as Universal binary?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by madmaxmedia, Aug 2, 2007.

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    I have used the freeware app Clutter for awhile to find album artwork, and show artwork on my desktop. It's a very nifty app IMO.

    But it's no longer in development, and is PPC only. Is anyone interested in trying to compile this? (I don't have XCode on my MacBook, and am unsure of what to do anyways.)


    I tried emailing the dev, but the email bounced.

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    Sirus The Virus

    You can get most artwork from the iTunes music store. There's really no need for Cutter anymore. I used to use it before Apple added that feature to iTunes.
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    True, but it's still a nice eye candy app IMO. I like having album covers to decorate my desktop (that can be clicked to play the album), but not enough to take the Rosetta hit on my 1GB MB... ;)

    No big though, finding album covers was its main purpose.
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    I'd love an intel version of clutter too !
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    Well it seems to be written in Cocoa, so a recompile should be all that's needed to make it Universal.
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    Here you go: Clutter. Updated source is available as well (should build without errors on 10.4).

    Warning: there is some ugly, old code in there :)

    Pretty much that was the situation, but there were some errors (looked new to GCC 4) and missing frameworks (ID3). Took only about 5 minutes to fix though.
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    Thanks for the re-compile. :)

    It loads on my Macbook, and most of the features are fine, but I can't seem to get the desktop cover art to work, and opening the Browser window crashes the app.
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    Cooool. Thanks for that....My artwork seems fine. Mine also crashes when I go to "browser" & "browse music library" which is a shame.
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    Awesome, thanks so much kainjow!

    EDIT- Unfortunately I can no longer copy album covers. I think it worked at first, but then after crashing the app trying to browse, album covers no longer copy. I tried deleteing the app's cache and preferences, but to no avail. No big- thanks anyway!

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