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Can you compare these 2 guitars please???

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by thechidz, May 6, 2008.

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    certainly not my best playing, I am just looking for a quick comparison on the tone of these 2 classicals.

    1. Antonio Aparicio AA152

    2. Darren Hippner Hauser 1 Model

    I ran them both through the same recording setup, a matched pair of Nuemann KM184s > Apogee Duet > Macbook Pro > iMovie

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    I personally prefer the tone of the Hippner.
    It's a much fuller sound, which is good to have when you're playing solo classical.
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    It's all personal preference, I think (which is obviously what you're looking for, I know!).
    Depends on how you want your image to be perceived.
    I like the Aparicio, but that's just me.
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    I like them both but for different reasons. Iteresting that some think the Hippner as fuller? I tend to think of it as more "clear/precise" if that makes sense. whereas I love the booming bass notes of the aparicio...

    of course "better" is subjective... I appreciate the adjectives used thus far, thats what Im looking for

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