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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by rocklingham, Sep 15, 2010.

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    My Powerbook G4 Titanium is running OSX Tiger and will not open the Date & Time preferences - instead it gives the error message 'System Preferences closed down unexpectedly' with an option to send info to Apple.

    This is an issue because the date has reset to 1970 and when I start the mac the time is always 04:00. I tried leaving it connected to the wi-fi overnight to see if the time servers would do their thing, but no luck.

    I'd appreciate some help in solving this. Thanks.
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    Have you tried to repair permissions in the disk utility?
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    1.) Repair Permissions
    2.) Run cron tasks
    3.) empty your caches
    4.) restart computer and zap pram (check apple for how to do this)
    5.) see if issues persist
    *.)If yes post back and we will evaluate other options.

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    Thanks for the replies. I have gone through those steps but the problem remains.:(

    Any more ideas?
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    OK. I have replaced the PRAM battery, but I still cannot access the Date & Time in the System Preferences.
    I ran through the steps above, again, and even re-set the PMU. But there's still no change - Time is at 0400 and date is 1 January 1970 when I boot-up.

    Any more ideas on how to fix this?
    Powerbook G4 Titanium (Onyx) 550Mhz 256Mb RAM OS X Tiger
    Mac Mini 2.26Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 2Gb RAM OS X Snow Leopard
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    reinstall osx
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    If you have done everything else that may be what you have to do to get it working.
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    I tried a new account but the problem was still there.

    I will have a go at safe-mode later today. If that doesn't work then I'll re-install OS X. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    Dewguy1999 - thanks, the safe boot gave me access to the Date & Time preferences which I have changed, restarted the powerbook in normal mode and everything now seems to be back to normal.

    Thank you to everyone for giving me help to resolve this issue - I now know more about my Mac than I did before!
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    Glad to hear that worked for you. :)

    I always tell new computer/mac users "No matter how little you think you know, there's always someone out there who knows less and can use your help." A case-in-point is my father-in-law who started using Macs about 10-years ago when he was in his sixties and has never used a PC, helps his PC using friends based on the knowledge he's gained from using his Mac, but yet he still thinks that he doesn't know anything about computers. :rolleyes:

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