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Cannot add artwork ?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by chedda, May 23, 2008.

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    All my attempts to add artwork in itunes have failed and i believe i have tried everything obvious it really is bugging me everything was okay previously now nothing happens or maybe it's there for a second and when i come back it's gone GRRRR:(
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    Sounds confusing.... ;)

    Have you tried manually drag and drop the picture files on to the songs? Also are you using JPEGs?
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    Still struggling

    Yes this is the way i have been adding artwork, but i have tried get info etc fixing permissions using a smaller image i am at my wits end as to what the problem is. Anyone have this problem before ?
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    I tracked down the problem as the new version of CD spin doctor that i use to record my vinyl. This comes with toast titanium 9. If i convert the tracks to aiff in itunes (although i thought they already were) the artwork can be added. I hope this helps someone out in the future
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    I have CD Spin Doctor.. it didn't affect my adding.
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    Do You have the latest version that comes with toast 9 ? Its very strange i was sure i found the problem ! I export active tracks to the desktop in aiff format and then import these into itunes. Perhaps i am doing something wrong ? I know if i convert them again in itunes to aiff they get a little smaller and then i can add artwork. Perhaps this is a permissions problem ? Either way i'm baffled !!

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