Cannot drag and drop from iTunes to iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by koda240, Oct 19, 2008.

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    My wife just bought me a new nano and I cannot drag and drop from my music or anything else on my box to my iPod under the Device menu.

    I have had a shuffle in the past and was able to do it with ease, but it seems this nano is making me do all this syncing crap and i dont like it. Is there a way to drag and drop or am I out of luck?

    Thanks so much.
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    You can choose "manually manage music" under iPod preferences.

    I think that'll allow you to do what you want.
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    Where would I find that setting? In iTunes? Or elsewhere? Thanks in advance.
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    In iTunes. Select your iPod in the sidebar, and it should be under the "Summary" tab.

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