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    Im trying to host a website on Lion Server. I enabled web hosting in, but for whatever reason the location of the site defaulted to /var/empty and I cannot change it when I click edit. When I try to visit the web site I get a Forbidden error. I tried to create a new site entry with the same host name but it doesn't work.

    Im a noob if you can't tell, any help is appreciated.

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    This is a common issue, it appears to be a bug in Lion Server... one of many.

    There are some settings that can be edited in the apache2 directory. I don't have time to walk you through it right now but if you Google "/var/empty/ lion server" that might point you in the right direction. Someone else here may be able to go into more detail with you as well.
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    Ive tried this:

    didn't seem to work unless i did it wrong. is this what you are referring to?
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    No, thats not the fix for your issue. You need to edit one of the files and change the document root. I'll see if i can find it later
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    Thank you. I appreciate your help.

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