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Can't get playlist out of folder?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by TraceyS/FL, Sep 28, 2009.

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    OK. This might be a dumb question... and i know i can just start over, but i'm frustrated.

    I created a folder called "audiobooks" and threw them all in there. This was before i found out my 5g Video iPod doesn't support folders.

    Well, some of the audiobooks are syncing... some aren't.... and i can't drag them OUT of the folder i drug them into.

    Is this a bug in iTunes? Just something dumb on my part... or what?!

    Here is a screen shot of what is in the Playlist folder, then what ones transfer to the iPod.

    Hmmm, i was wondering if it was an Audible problem, but ti's not giving me an error either - saying they can't be moved because they aren't authorized.

    Anyway, i'm stuck, and on my way out the door... without the new audiobooks. I guess when i get back home tonight i'll rip it all apart and see if they fix. THis iPod is dying - and i think the drive might be going too....

    OK, maybe it IS an audible problem. The ones that aren't going on there... have a type of Audible, and the one that is working says, protected aac. Must dig into this later then.

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    OK, i *think* i figured this out.

    I do think the folder is working - but only the book i got on iTunes was showing up. So sure enough, Audible wasn't registered. I'm hoping this means that at least the books will go over...

    I still can't get them OUT of the playlist folder, but hey, as long as they move over to the iPod, i'm happy! Off to check the sync!
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    Generally speaking, to remove something from a playlist, either highlight it and press the delete key or right-click and delete the item. It doesn't delete it from your library or hard drive.... it only deletes it from the playlist.
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    This is true. iTunes doesn't move the MP3 file from the main library to a playlist, so to speak. It just makes a copy of the file into whatever playlist you want it in. This is the same as dragging the file from the main library to your desktop, it will make a duplicate.

    So you would just right click and then select delete. It will just delete the copied file.
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    Actually, it doesn't create a copy. It only creates a link to the file, similar in concept to an alias in Finder.
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    aha, i guess that would make since, as it would unnecessarily increase the size of iTunes:) Never thought of that..eh

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