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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by saisrujan, Feb 14, 2008.

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    The caps-lock key is not responsive enough on my Air. I have to hold it a wee little longer for it to fire. A gentle quick tap with the finger at the speed i type other keys doesn't work for the caps-lock.

    I have the habit of toggling the caps-lock in quick succession before and after entering a key if I want to type a character in caps. Like <caps lock>A<caps lock> and when I tap it that quickly, it doesn't fire. Or it fires only once resulting in caps lock being on after that, annoying me.

    To understand what I mean, tap the caps lock gently in quick succession till you don't see the caps-lock reacting. Then use the same speed to tap any other key. It fires.

    Is this how all macs behave or god-forbid do I have a problem with my keyboard?
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    All Macs with the new keyboard have a caps lock safeguard to prevent accidental presses. The MBP doesn't have it (because it still uses the old keyboard).
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    as butterflyofdoom said, it is a FEATURE of the new keyboards, one that I find very useful. Try using the shift key and you'll save yourself a lot of time. I have a friend that uses caps lock to type one uppercase letter and it seems so inefficient to me.
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    Aah... thank God the keyboard is not defective. A feature eh... and I searched more seriously now, and found several threads talking about this.

    Well. I WAS using the shift-key earlier. The previous laptop I had was a Toshiba and it had a very small shift key on the right-hand side. Then, I slowly made it a habit to use the caps-lock key. Inefficient, but better considering missing the right shift key. Old habits die hard. And I will try to get my "correct" habit back.

    Thank you.

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