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Carrier editor

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by nhlfreak98, Jun 21, 2013.

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    Has anyone tried carrier editor for iOS 7?
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    I tried it didn't work for me
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    Windows or Mac?
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    I have a Mac

    Sorry for the late reply I don't log into my account regularly ha.
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    I tried to get rid of my Vodafone carrier name on the first day and it didn't work, it's really annoying because with the bubble signal bar thing it takes up more space and looks cluttered
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    Yeah same with me. They said that we can't change it until a jailbreak
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    has anyone gotten it to work with ios 7 yet? i tried earlier and didn't have success
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    Yeah it doesn't work:( I talked yo the creator of it and he says he is trying yo find a way to do so
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    Does not work

    I tried it and all it does was remove the option to recieve amber and govt alerts.
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    For me it changed the carrier version in iTunes then when I toggled in airplane mode then it showed I had no carrier name for one second then it went back to normal
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    oh really? sweet! i was considering tweeting at him about it but i'm glad you took care of it hahhaa
  12. mdu
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    Did not work.
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    Anyone heard back from the dev about an update?

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