Case with keyboard which one is best

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by msarway, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Please let me know which case with keyboard is best to buy
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    Why not try the official apple one?
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    When did Apple start selling an iPad case with a keyboard?

    OP - ZaggMate, Qmadix, Rocketfish iCapsule or Clamcase
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    I would recommend the zaggmate. It provides a very nice keyboard case that is not attached to the ipad. The clamcase looks nice but essentially turns your ipad into a net book.
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    I agree with md63, it's a very good product
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    The problem I have with all of these is the same problem I have with netbooks...the keyboards are too cramped. I really like the idea of the zaggmate, but after trying it in real life, not so much. When I need to use a keyboard, the Apple BT keyboard is still, by far, the best. And, it's still small and light enough to take with you just about anywhere.
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    I am not interested in carrying around yet another, separate piece of hardware. The ZAGG/mate is barely thicker than the iPad and it serves as a case as well. The Clamcase (if they actually deliver it to me) also fills my requirements without an extra piece of hardware.Both the ZAGG/Mate and the Clamcase also serve as stands when typing.
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    I can recommend Zaggmate. Using it for last one month no issues
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    I like the Apple wireless keyboard with their dock and the incase Travel Kit Plus to carry it all. The travel kit comes with a stand that will hold the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode but I find I like the Apple stand better.

    The case allows me to carry the iPad, stand, keyboard, mifi hotspot, earbuds, charger and cables. It's about the size of a netbook case and a little on thick side with everything in it but it makes it very easy to carry the iPad, and everything else on the go between home, office and traveling.

    Been using it for two months now and have been very happy with it.
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    i recently bought the one from BrookStone. The bluetooth keyboard is integrated into the portfolio case. I looked at a few and this seems to fit my needs better, it's all in one...check it out!
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    It's actually not 'integrated into the case', it simply slides into the case. The Brookstone, Sena and Kensington keyboard cases all use the same 'rubbery' keyboard that doesn't have a right shift key.
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    didn't notice that, but overall, im satisfied with it. Besides, I'm left!
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    What about the Kenssington KeyFolio? Looks like the Zagg item, but neither ships until April.

    Where do you put the power supply?
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    There is no power supply. It has a USB cable that plugs into the keyboard to charge it. Also, the Kensington has the 'rubbery' keyboard with no right side Shift key.

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