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iPad Cases with Keyboards

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Loyola, Nov 2, 2012.

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    My refurbished Ipad 3 arrives next week. It is my first Ipad and I am super excited. The number of cases is very overwhelming.

    I found Zagg with a keyboard. There are some decent deals related to this product. I think I may want a keyboard on occasion.

    Do most people feel the need to have a keyboard?

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    It's my first time owning an ipad as well and I just got the ipad 4th generation. I'm deciding on whether i should get a keyboard case as well..but I probably won't. I can type surprising fast on the screen and I already have a wireless keyboard so if I need one, I'll just use that. I' leaning towards getting a smart cover or an envelope case for mine.
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    bought a logitech wireless keyboard with stand from best buy for our 11 year old...it seems descent but the stand part is made of plastic and a bit of a pain to collapse. We are exchanging it for a zagg one so will see...
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    I decided to order the Zaggfolio. It is discounted to 79.99 but when I purchashed it, the price was $65.99. I am not sure how but I am not complaining.


    In addition I ordered a screen protector. This qualified me for ear buds for $10.00. This was good since I need new ones. In addition I was able to get 20% off of the screen protector. Please note I had to submit two orders to get the deals I got.
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    returned the first logitech keyboard as it has too many pieces to it. We bought the zagg and it is descent but a bit of a pain to get access to charge the keyboard if needed and to get the ipad out of the holder is a pain. Bought the White ultrathin keyboard from the apple store and it's great. Not cheap but works well, etc...

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