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Catastrofic slow response and strange log messages

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by aicul, May 21, 2013.

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    Hi All,

    My OSX SL server is showing catastrofic response times.

    So I looked at the CPU usage and netwrok traffic graphs which showed little ressource load.

    Then I looked at the system log and found the below extract which repeats, repeats, repeats.

    Problem is I have no idea what this is all about.

    any advice would be welcome

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    Are you using jabber (Chat) on the server?
    To turn it out in terminal type

    sudo serveradmin stop jabber

    If you need it type

    sudo serveradmin fullstatus jabber

    and post the results
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    I don't know what JABBER does. The iChat service is marked as off on the Server Preferences. There is no requirement for CHAT services.

    Anyway I did stop it to see the effect.

    The log file continues to document

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    I actually noticed in Server Preferences/iChat that the "Enable server-to-server communications" was on. So I switched that off and did a start/stop of iChat.

    This seems to have stopped the JABBERD/SM results in the system log files.

    However, the below remain and are also repetitive.

    As there is no need for flash, can this be stopped as well ?

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    Go to ->
    and look for "flashupdater"
    May be you find "flashUpdater"
    Correkt it...
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    Good idea to check the case of the file. But this is not the issue.

    Actually, flash has no reason to be installed on this server.

    So the question is, why is the updater trying to run and how do I stop that ?

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    I took this a step further and downloaded and executed the adobe flash un-installer.

    No change in the system log files.

    So I'm thinking that the server thinks it should run the flash updater, but cannot find it.

    So how does one tell osx to stop trying to run the flash updater ?
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    I finally stopped the flashupdater. The info was here.

    Now I have a "notification server connect failed..."
  9. kryten2, May 24, 2013
    Last edited: May 24, 2013

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    Look for a file named com.apple.flashupdater.plist in the following locations :

    Delete the file if you don't need it.

    See if it's loaded. In Terminal :

    launchctl list | grep flashupdater
    Remove the job from launchd by label and check your log messages :

    launchctl remove job_label
    Info : Man page launchctl

    Edit : Nevermind I didn't see your last post while I was writing mine.
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    But I still looked at some parts of your instructions. The Launchctl still lists flashupdater ! So I stopped it as per your instructions.

    However, I checked in the system log and there were no messages relating to Flash.

    However, I personally do not recall installing Flash. And my SL server is screenless so I don't see how I could have accidently installed it. Is this a standard SL setup from Apple ?

    How can I be sure that flash does not "somehow" try to restart on the next server restart ?

    But thanks for your input, it was a helpful.
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    Sorry but I have no experience administering or running SL server but Flash updates were done by Apple with Software Update if memory serves me well. I think things changed with Lion an ML. To be sure flash does not "somehow" try to restart on the next server restart, is to stop or unload the job and deleting all the files associated with it. From the link eg :


    After you've done that and you can restart the server there should be no more messages in the logs.
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    Indeed that worked.

    But its still very slow. Trying to find out why.

    Any ideas?

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