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CD Artwork issues

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Tulipone, May 20, 2010.

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    Had the iPad almost a month and finally got around to adding some music. I am pretty obsessive about getting the right artwork for the cd but have found that loads of covers have not sync'd with the ipad. Anyone else have this issue and managed to resolve?

    Is it something to do with resolution?

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    When you see the mp3/m4a file on your computer, without opening or clicking on it... is the files icon a picture of it's cover art?
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    I think I understand what you are saying - I may have only allocated a picture to the 1st track of an album rather than the whole album?

    Is there a free way of automating this on a mac?
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    In iTunes.

    Select an album in grid view (don't double-click), and press command+I (or file-menu > Get Info)

    Double click the artwork box, and select the picture you want to use.
    It will make that picture the cover art for that album (all it's songs)

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