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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by rye9, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Should the iBook in my sig be able to handle burning a 500 MB, 50 min CD without any problems or overheating?
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    mad jew

    Yeah. Why? Has it overheated on you? :(
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    No, but just importing a CD for 5 minutes raises its temp like 10 degrees F so I was afraid of what burning one might do.
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    mad jew

    Ah, okay. Well keep it on a flat, well ventilated surface and it'll be fine. :cool:
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    Electro Funk

    and keep it off of your lap when burning a few cd's.... if you ever want kids that is... :p
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    Importing a CD into iTunes is very CPU intensive since iTunes must encode the audio into an MP3 or M4A file (depending on your settings). Burning a CD is nowhere near as CPU intensive.

    A 10F increase in temperature is normal. Ultimately, as the temperature increases, the fans kick in and the temperature stabilises. At some extreme temperature the computer will automatically shutdown. But if you get up to the cut-off temperature this usually means that you have a significant hardware fault (such as the fans being disconnected).

    If you are worried about temperature you should put the laptop on a level surface without anything blocking the vents. (This means not on a bed since the linens will block the vents.) For extra cooling, put the laptop on a granite or tile countertop... the granite/tile is a good conductor of heat and will act as a massive heatsink.
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    mad jew


    That's a good point. Encoding occurs in the burning process too but everything's slowed down because of the lower optical drive burn speed. :)

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