CD exploded in the drive

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Mudbug, Sep 18, 2003.

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    I've never seen this happen, but I was using an older CD in a high-speed DVD drive, and apparently was spinning so fast that it put too much strain on it. Thankfully I wasn't sitting in front of it, because when it broke, it spewed out chips of the CD, along with the front panel of the drive, right into my chair and on the floor.

    I'm posting this because I'm wondering if anyone else has had this happen...

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    Awesome! Well yeah fortunately you weren't sitting behind it. I've read somewhere that don't expect cd burning speeds to go very far beyond what they are now (52x?) since the cd would reach speeds of over 200mph in the drive and any imperfections, scratches, or cracks would send the disc spinning out of control, thus causing it to fly apart in a spectacular array of shards.
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    I read of an experimental CD drive that read at 100x. They installed multiple lasers in it and ran it at a lower speed. Then they combined the data the lasers read. I would love to see the data transfer from one of those models.
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    There have been multi-beam CD drives on the market for some time now. What they are worried about is not the reading, but the writing, because the laser for writing is much more powerful than the reading laser (or just at a different setting), hitting an imperfection can cause the beam to split, and at high speeds, cut the disk.

    Also 120X readable drives are available, however with current interconnects, 24X is the current maximum of any throughput.

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    wow. its good that you weren't hurt or anything. i know i nevre had anything like that happen. i've nver even thought of something like that happening.
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    All I have to say is cool
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    I hope your drive still works, it would suck to lose an expensive drive.
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    I've heard of this happening w/ CDs that have cracks in them. Scary...
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    Also heard when extreme spinning the disk will break and shatter.

    Remember the '2x' burnable CD does not mean bur at 36...

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    well this was "extreme spinning" as you called it, and probably well above the "speed rating" of the disk. It just spun up and shattered.

    and I'm in the camp with you guys. First thought was Holy Crap!. Second thought was. Oh man, there goes my drive. Third thought - whoa - cool. :)
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    Thats awesome. Anybody else have footage of spectacular computer explosions?
    I once had an emac that shot huge sparks out the side... sparks are cool

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    wow cool!! :D :cool:

    yeah, i've heard of this as well... luckily none of the Apple protables will ever have this problem. :p :rolleyes:

    i can't see CD drives getting much faster than they are now... 52x i mean.
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    Glad that you weren't hurt.

    By the way, does your wife let you do the laundry? :D
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    :D Wow, i might said impressing what you can do with a cd :D LOL.

    i already have heard that a cd could explode in a highspeed cd-drive, that happened to a friend of mine. He only heard that his drive spinning faster and faster and then with one bang his drive was end up ! The whole CD exploded in his drive and damaged it. Nothing happened to him, but he have to buy a new drive. After asking him why this should happened he answered, that he doesn't know, but the cd was very old and have many scraches on it.

    Be warned using old CDs with a lot of scratches on it !! :p
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    "mom! i want a dremmel!"
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    wow, cool. That'd be a good prank to pull on someone..."here, put this old & cracked CD into your 58x cheap-ass Winblows CD-ROM drive.."
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    Another cool trick...

    This was many years ago and it provided much useless entertainment. We had a used microwave nobody wanted, and a bunch of AOL CDs. Someone had the bright idea of making a stacked CD sculpture inside the microwave. Then close the door, activate, and stand back. Big blue and green sparks and instant plastic melting within a radioactive thunderbolt. Clean insides of microwave and repeat until microwave no longer works. :D

    I think my sperm count is still normal thankfully :D
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    That link looks like a good way to dispose of CD's that contain sensitive data. :) No way anyone could recover that!
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    that bloke's a nutter! cool stuff, i knew i bought my dremel for a reason....and yeah, great way of disposing of sensitive material

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