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CD-R Labelling Hardware

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Dave00, Jul 15, 2004.

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    I was wondering if anyone knew of CD-R Drive that would also label the printed side. I've labelled many a CD with those stick-on labels, including one for my fiancée; she loved it, but now she wants me to make a custom CD with a picture on it to be handed out as favors at our upcoming wedding. The thought of hand-labelling up to 200 CD's with those stick-on labels sends shivers down my spine.:eek:

    I've seen the Yamaha T@2 system, but it labels the data side of the CD, and wastes data space.


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    I use an Epson R300. Its still an extra step, but it print sidrectly onto the media.

    A dedicated Burner/printer solution does exisit, but it costs over 2 grand, and is PC only (the one I know of). For a Mac, the Epson R300 does a nice job and is very fast.
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    HP did make a CD printer a few years ago, im not sure if they still do, but those carts were expensive, so I never bought on, i just borrow it from a friend.
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    Since you actually have this printer, can you tell me if it can print to iron-on transfer paper? Each source I look at says something different.

    My two printing wishes are CD-R labeling, and t-shirt making. If the R300 did both I will run out and buy one, post-haste! (there isn't a smiley for bouncing up and down in anticipation, is there?) :eek:
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    Inkjet printable CD-R

    Wow, that's a new concept to me. So you just feed the CD's in individually to the printer? How on earth does it work without bending or scratching the CD? I guess there's some sort of media carrier. Wild. Do you get good quality results?

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    Have you ever used your R300 to print DVD case inserts?. Right now my dad prints these for me, but as I'm going to college next year, I want a printer that does a good job printing the DVDs and the case inserts. Do you need A4 sized paper? or will Letter size fit just barely? I'd rather buy generic matte/glossy A4 or Letter paper instead of the perforated DVD case labels because it would be much cheaper and I can cut them myself.

    Also, how is the quality on the CD printing? Do the colors come out vivid and clear? Have you ever tried spraying the printed disc with the Krylon stuff to seal it and make it waterproof? I read somewhere that that works well...

    sorry to bombard you with so many questions :D
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    It prints very nicely inserts if you use photo quality paper. As for the Krylon, Ihave not tried it. I would think the solvents in the spray MAY make the ink run. There is a new product calles KSinz (I think) that is like a plastic CD/DVD condom that prevents damage and protects the CD/DVD. Maybe that will work well.

    I use tyvek sleeves I bought in bulk and that keep smy collection just fine.
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    thanks for the quick reply.
    i'm curious about this CD/DVD condom :D
    I googled KSinz but didn't find anything. Does anyone else know anything about this stuff?
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    I've been thinking about a R300 for both photo printing & labeling DVDs.

    I like the R300 for the DVD capability, but would like to know if you're happy with it for photo printing purposes, too.

    I don't plan on doing tons of DVD's; however, it'd be a nice touch. If, however, the R300 isn't great at printing photos, I'd rather invest in a slightly higher-grade photo printer (not knocking the R300 - just want to articulate that photo printing would be my first priority).

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    Check this out...

    It's a little more pricey, but the coolness factor is way up there!


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