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Celestia for OS X

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by cb911, Nov 6, 2002.

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    this is a kinda cool app, you can fly around the universe in real-time!! :):D

    and besides, it looks cool, it's fun and also educational. :)


    and if anyone finds out other cool stuff that it does, let us know.
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    Wow, that's a nifty little app.

    Kind of like my OpenGL Computer Graphics assignment... but this one actually works. And it's much cooler.

    Actually, I think the only thing this app and my assigment have in common is that you can hit 'w' to toggle wire framing... :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    you're going nuts with the 3D stuff cb911. Its a cool little app, but I've got Starry Night Pro, which sort of does the same thing, but has many more options (its Astronomy software).

    Very nice! :D

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    hhmmm, 'Starry Night Pro' eh? i'll have to look into that one...:D
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    Doesn't go beyond nice and nifty:(

    I tried it yesterday. Yes it is nice and nifty. The huge downside is the interface. It is nowhere near intuitive. The controls are quirky. Navigation can be tricky. Of course what do I want it's freeware.

    Probably Starry Night Pro ($179) is better in that degree.
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    Over Achiever

    Even though the interface isn't intuitive...it's more intuitive than XEphem...although XEphem has more star charts at a cost.

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