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CES 2013: Hipkey - a 'Bluetooth Smart' Proximity Sensor for iOS Devices

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 8, 2013.

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    We've closely covered the emerging class of Bluetooth Smart (4.0) low energy devices that have been slowly coming to market.

    Hippih was showing off Hipkey at CES 2013. Hipkey is their version of the digital leash application that allows you to keep your iPhone from getting left behind. The device was already put on sale in the European Online Apple Store in December and quickly sold out. The device will make its debut in the U.S. Apple Online store on January 15th.

    Hipkey comes as a small aluminum device that you are meant to attach to your keychain or other personal item. The device will pair up with your iPhone and then provide a digital leash for your device. You can set it to detect between small (2-5m), medium (15-20m) and long (30-50m) distances between the devices and then trigger a sound and vibration alarm. The primary intent is to avoid leaving your iPhone behind. The free to download software seems very well designed and also offers other related functionality.

    - Alarm Mode: Warns you if you forget your iPhone or iPad or if someone attempts to steal it.
    - Child mode: Alerts you if your child wanders too far away from you.
    - Motion Mode: Put hipKey in your bag and you are alerted if someone moves it.
    - Find Me Mode: Quickly find your iPhone, iPad or your keys at any time.

    Additionally, a "Safe Zone" can be established at any location which prevents the device from triggering automatically at any of the shorter proximities. The device will still trigger if you exceed the longest range. Hipkey incorporates a rechargeable battery that lasts 2-4 weeks and recharges in 4 hours. It will be available on the Online Apple Store on January 15th for $89.99.

    Article Link: CES 2013: Hipkey - a 'Bluetooth Smart' Proximity Sensor for iOS Devices
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    Can't wait till these devices are a bit more affordable!

    Great idea...too many $s
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    STiNG Operation

    Just have to wait awhile for the new innovations to come down in price...
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    If I understand this correctly, the device uses low consumption bluetooth tech, correct? But it would still rely on the iPhone's traditional bluetooth tech, which still uses quite a lot of juice, right?

    So the trade off is between smaller time between charges and not forgetting your phone (or being alerted it's being robbed).

    Can someone confirm/dispute this? How much less battery time are we talking about if bluetooth is permanently on?
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    Finally, a new product that allows me to shirk my parental duties and rely and "Child Mode" BT to watch my 4 year old at the mall.

    Question: In this usage case, which end is my child holding, my iPhone 5 or my car and house keys???


    Brilliant idea building this into a keychain, thank god people never misplace and/or lose those things! :)
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    This is a device that isn't for me.

    1. I hate keys...that I have to remove from my pocket. It is 2013, I have two cars that allow me to keep my keys in my pocket and one that doesn't. I have garage door openers, keypads and an alarm for my house.
    2. I take my keys out of my pocket and put them in a location in my house. How would this work when I'm moving around the house with my phone?

    My wife could use this though. She could put it in her purse and she would be set - when she leaves the house with her purse, she can be sure she has her phone.
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    The iPhone 5 uses 4.0, the same low power operation.
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    If Apple had been named Orange, would that key be its logo?
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    As does the 4S.
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    4 hours to charge? That's a really long time for something that has such a small battery and draws so little power.
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    added feature

    would be nice if it could lock your phone if it moves to far away or puts an alert on the phone.
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    Should be useful when going out drinking.
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    This should be a big seller, but is a bit expensive. I'll probably buy one.
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    Hipkey: For the hipster in all of us.
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    The description said that it can be automatically disabled at a specific location (like home) where your keys and phone may be separated.

    But, yes, this is something my wife could use as well.
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    Kensington's Proximo looks better. $30 cheaper and 6-month battery life.
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    Cuckoo Keyfob has better features

    Although this hipkey looks nicer, I must admit.

    Pros for Cookoo:
    1) remote camera trigger feature
    2) standard replaceable battery, 1 year standby
    3) $40 - half the price

    Pros for HipKey
    1) looks hipper
    2) geofencing capabilities sound more mature
    3) rechargeable battery
  19. tod
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    Apple R&D needs to buy a few of these... might prevent any more prototypes from getting lost in bars!
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    HOME is where I lose my keys most often!
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    Could this be left in the car or under a motorbike seat (in close proximity to the house/office) as a suppliment to an alarm? So if someone tries to pick my bike up to load it into a van my phone will alert me? If so, I'll need to look into this more closely.
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    I've been looking for this kind of device for a while now, but not for $90.
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    you can NOT use it as a keychain I suppose.


    nope again

    they should make a tv/dvd/apple tv/whatever remote version
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    Wait, Where's My iPhone!?

    This will be a mandatory device for all those Apple techs carrying around iPhone prototypes to restaurants and such!

    :D :D :D :D

    This product would be much better if it could be molded into your house key.
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    strategic design to appeal subconsciously to apple fans

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