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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by, Aug 4, 2012.

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    I recently performed a clean install of ML on my MBP and one thing that I've noticed (that really bugs me) is the width of the sidebar in the finder?

    I can't work out why it's so wide, the longest item in the sidebar is the name of my MacBook, but even if I turn that off, change the name and delete the .ds_store files, it's still as wide?

    I've tried deleting all .ds_store files and the preferences but cannot seem to get it to shrink on a default setting, only for specific folders.

    I'm not sure if the width is a default setting used by ML or if there's a setting somewhere that I've not changed that is keeping the sidebar width fixed.

    Any ideas?

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    I don't know if this still works the same in Mountain Lion or not, but if you hover your mouse pointer over the divider on the right side of the sidebar you should get a double headed arrow icon that allows you to drag the divider to a size of your choosing.
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    Sorry, I should've made clear that, whilst changing it is fine, it does not alter a 'default' settings i.e. opening a folder/subfolder elsewhere on the system does not have my resized sidebar.

    For example, if I open my User folder, edit the width and close the window, it saves this width into the .ds_store file instead of the global default for my user account (

    I've tried different permutations to get a result, holding alt (option) when dragging, holding alt whilst closing.

    I've checked for code in both and and nothing has proven of worth. I've deleted both and come to no avail.

    The sidebar has a default of 192px, and whist there are values to change the width in user documents folder and within the save dialog in; there is no global setting.

    From my search of the web, other people have been having this issue since 10.6. Whilst I've had this MacBook since Leopard before quicking upgrading to SL, I guess I have never noticed the issue.

    If anyone does know a way of solving it, great!
    But for now, I can't find any definitive answers...
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    After you've re-sized the Sidebar did you select Show View Options from the Finder's View menu and then click the Use as Defaults button?
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    Yup, as far as I'm aware, that only changes the settings for icons, columns, etc.

    If otherwise known, there is simply no way to do it, there's no corresponding value in the plist to set the width.

    There's a default value for FK_sidebarwidth for the popover save dialog but nothing other wise.

    Could you create a new folder on your desktop, open it and see what the width of your sidebar is? (If you're using ML).
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    I'm still using Snow Leopard, but I checked and it's also 192px (give or take). Hopefully someone with Mountain Lion will come along and be able to help you sort this out.

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