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Change in local host name??

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by MonkeySee...., Sep 23, 2012.

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    Comes up every now and then :(

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    Try to re-setup your network in System Preferences > Network
    And try to disable/re-enable your sharings in System Preferences > Sharing

    Do you have a home LAN/Wifi network, right?
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    yeah I do. I think it may have something to do with "Rowmote". Would that sound right. It comes up pretty much daily.
    Thanks for your help
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    I don't know what this is. However, I can tell you that about half of the macs in our design studio have this problem and we don't have Rowmote installed anywhere.

    It first occurred around the time that we manually changed the names of all our macs in System Preferences/Sharing/Computer Name:

    Our IT support says it is probably a DNS issue, however they have not fixed it after about two years since the first occurrence.
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    ahhh ok. To be fair its annoying more than anything. Interesting you say its a DNS issue. I'll take a look at that!
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    mmm still happening.
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    Are you connecting to the same network via TWO interfaces? (Like: wireless AND wired) And are both of those interfaces on the same subnet?

    I occasionally see the same message you are reporting, typically right after I wake my laptop up. And I've realized that -- when I'm plugged into our office wired LAN, and also leave my wireless on -- I actually have two active interfaces on the same LAN.

    Right now "ifconfig" shows my en0 as and en2 as Both interfaces have "netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast".

    I think this explains the periodic message in my case. Bonjour searches for conflicting hostnames when it connects to the local LAN. Problem is, my machine connects *twice*. And the two interfaces do not connect at the same instant in time. So you have a race condition between the two interfaces.

    Now that I think I understand why it's happening, I'm lazy enough to live with it. For now. :D
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    I have an equally odd, similar issue where my computer's host name randomly changes. It's easiest to see this in Terminal: It never uses the name I set in System Preferences, instead using some other name from my router(?) that is dynamically generated when needed, as far as I can tell. Is there a way to make my Mac's Terminal not do this?
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    Thanks for bringing this back up as its still happening!

    I'm connect to the internet on my Mac via Ethernet. Thinking about i'm about 60% sure its not trying to connect via wifi also. I may have a look later. thanks for bringing this up! :)
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    If it's a problem for you, have a look at BridgeChecker (app store). Can be set to disable WiFi if LAN is connected. Works most of the time.

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