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Change main view in Navigation-Based Application

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by lng, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. lng
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    I figured out my SQLite problems and got it worked with navigational based application. Now it opens with the RootViewController and displays data.

    I would like to change the main view to another one and add a button to call current RootViewController. Basically I would like to add a view and change application's main view.

    It's now associated with the RootViewController. How can I change it?

  2. Moderator


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    What is the purpose of this new view?

    Anyways, I'm gonna suggest presenting the new view modally and then dismissing it in the button's action.
  3. lng
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    Thanks for the reply dejo. I tried to put what I want in a horrible diagram. :)

  4. Moderator


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    Seems to me a modal view will do the trick then.
  5. lng
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    Thanks dejo. It solved my problem.
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    Just a note, IMO having your app open to a modal view every time is a terrible UI.

    If I understand your UI I would suggest something like this: open the app to the list, as you had before, add a button to the toolbar that does the search.
  7. lng
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    Thanks PhoneyDeveloper. I agree with you about opening a modal view every time, but I changed my mind about putting a search option on it. Now it has only a button to dismiss modal view, so it became a welcome message only.

    In the future I would like to add a search bar and index column to the right directly onto list. I am still trying to understand how sections work. Any suggestion?
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    The usual suggestions: Read the docs and look at the sample code. Read the table view programming guide. If you understand the basics of how a table works then doing the index and sections isn't hard.
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    In that case, scrap the modal view at start (use the Default.png for your welcome screen) and go straight to the main view.
  10. mmzplanet, Mar 25, 2011
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    I am going to bump this backup instead of a new thread. I need to accomplish the same task but am really confused at how to pull it off.

    My root view was going to launch with a table. This was fine when the app was young and features were minimal. Now it has grown for good reason and I need to create a standard view with several icons to direct the user to other table views and/or other views.

    How do I bypass using the table in my rootviewcontroller? I would think it would be better to outright replace it. Not sure how to accomplish that though. Currently, I just have the header set to the size of the screen and scrolling is disabled.

    I have been learning a lot as this is my first app, but have neglected learning how to manipulate the root of the application (if I am making any sense).


    I think I got it.

    Sometimes its time to make a backup and just make a mess out of it...lol

    I need to stop being so worried about breaking anything.

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