Change PHP directive when not using php.ini

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    I have a standard install of Mac OS X server 10.3.9 running as a web server. There doesn't seem to be a php.ini file that it is using - (phpinfo shows /etc as the ini directory and there is a php.ini.default and .recommended but not php.ini and phpinfo does not match what is in either of those files).

    Does this mean that there are some default settings that are used when there is not a php.ini file?

    If not, does anyone know what php.ini file is being used on a standard install?

    If so, how can I change certain settings without changing the other settings?

    I tried changing the php.ini.default to php.ini but that caused some problems so i changed it back to .default. This also tells me that .default does not match what it is currently using.

    I would really appreciate it if someone who understands how this works with the standard install would explain it here or point me in the right direction.


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    Change PHP directive when not using php.ini

    Thanks. I looked at ini_set and it works for some settings but not for the ones I needed to change (they are PHP_INI_SYSTEM settings).

    I actually found out that settings are set at compile time and if there is not a php.ini file it uses those settings.

    You can also create a php.ini file and just put in the entries that you want to change and the rest of the settings will stay as they were at compile time.

    Thanks again for the response.


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