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changing built-in memory for 12 inch powerbook

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by katok, May 23, 2004.

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    Is it possible to change the built-in memory in a 12 inch powerbook?
    It'd be nice if I could put in two 512 MB ram in their because it's cheaper than buying a gig of ram.
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    You can, take a look at www.xlr8yourmac.com
    They have a good forum about it with photo's and all!
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    If it's onboard memory (which I think it is), then it's probably part of the logic board, in which case, no, you can't.

    edit: looks like I was wrong! :rolleyes:
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    No, it's a dimm, a different one then the one you can replace yourself and it's soldered to the connector. You can also have it done. There where more threads about this.

    Edit: looking in Mactracker, it also says it's onboard memory, I am doubting myself now... The iBooks all had a dimm that was soldered in its connector which could be replaced. But the PB 12"...
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    So you can wave good bye to any warranty then huh!
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    Yeah, do it after your warranty expires!! :D But there are also certified Apple repaircentres that do this for you.
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    yes, it voids the warranty, but it's still a standard so-dimm and can be done. i'd suggest this only for the people who already have good experience in soldering more delicate pieces than standard analog components... ths pcb technology requires a soldering iron that doesn't heat the whole board at once ;)
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    Thanks everyone for the information.
    By the way, where can you find certified apple repare centers?
    The mac retail stores?
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    If you're referring to the current 1.33GHz version, it uses memory chips soldered on to the logicboard not an actual SO-DIMM pics here. I'm not sure about the earlier revisions though.

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