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Changing MacBook Air Keys?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by christophermdia, Mar 25, 2011.

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    So I saw this brought up in previous threads, but I was thinking about taking this a little further. How are the keys sitting on the keyboard? Currently I have a keyboard cover that is colored white, and it helps a ton when using at night, so I got to wondering if there was a way I could swap the white keys from the wireless keyboard to the MBA. Keys seem to be the same size, it's all in how the keys are secured on...maybe those ifixit guys can figure this out??
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    Maybe you are taking it a bit too far. Someone just 'told' me there is a 'glow in the dark' keyboard overlay I'd never heard of before. Saves you a lot of hasle
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    I really doubt this will ever happen. The Macbook Air is the perfect computer otherwise, it kills me that they ommitted this from the keyboard, even a BTO option I would have paid $100 for it.

    And please, I do not want to hear the "learn how to type in the dark" comments, it is not even the point.

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