Changing screen res on PowerMac G3?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by FragTek, Jul 1, 2006.

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    Alright so I finally got the monitor adapter for my PowerMac G3 today and got it up and running, w00t! I must say that computer is the absolute shiznit for picking it up for $15.

    Anywho, the current dilemna is that I can't get the resolution to change from anything but 640x480 which is impossible for doing anything at all for the most part... I can't even surf the web worth a crap at that res :p

    The monitor I'm using is a Dell CRT that supports at least 1024x768 but I would be happy with just 800x600 at this point, lol. Is there any way to insert a registry-type hack so that I can switch off of this god forsaken res? Or is that the max res this G3 can handle (that would be hard for me to believe).

    Thanks in advance!

    Oh yeah, running OS 9.2 if that helps at all.
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    It should work fine at any res. Are you using a monitor adapter to use the newer Dell? If so, it might have somehting to do with that adapter.
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    Which Power Mac G3 is it?
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    What do u mean by "which"? It's a 233 w/ 32mb RAM if that's what you're wondering.

    @crazzy: yeah I'm using a jumperless adapter but I was hoping that it was better than one of the dipswitched models and would just let me choose the res on the fly. Or is the onboard video just so bad that it doesn't support anything above 640x480?

    Reg. hacks?
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    Looks like i ended up getting a crappy adapter... I just ordered a new one with the dipswitches to allow different screen resolutions. I can't believe I spent $20 for an adapter on a computer I paid $15 for, ROFL. Oh well, at least it will be more worth while :)
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    The onboard video supports much better than 640x480. You can definitely get 1024x768 out of it, or better if you drop the color palette.

    There is no registry in the mac os.

    I've had good luck with jumpered adapters. My old PM G3 can run a monitor at 2048x1536 if you put it on 256 colors. :)
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    Looks like the new adapter will do the trick then! Thanks mate :)

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