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Changing User Account Photos (Custom)

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by roblawton, Feb 26, 2012.

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    Has anyone been able to change their User Account photo to a custom image?

    I can't seem to find the option, whether I look in iMessages or System Preferences.


    You seem to be limited to using Defaults, Recent or the Camera...


    Any ideas?
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    What about dragging a photo/image from Finder into the spot, where you see the piano keys?
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    Has no effect I'm afraid. Tried dragging to several spots too!



    Found that if you 'edit' your current one, you can drag & replace the image then... Thought there'd be a 'new' or something similar but ho-hum!

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    Found It

    Open Finder.
    Right click the image you are asking for. Click 'Get Info'.
    Keep that window up.
    Then open System Settings. Click User Groups.
    Click your name.
    Click the edit icon. Click Recents.
    Now open the the window from earlier (The info from your custom picture) and drag the icon it shows to 'Recents'.
    Hit Done.

    Congradulations! You now have your custom icon!
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    Wow! Over a year old... Nice thread resurrection! :cool:
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    That is one of the main reasons people register here. A one year old thread is not that seldom, it gets creepier if it is a thread from 2004 with a solution for a Mac from 2011 or 2012. But then again, having many forum members registered and having them more than zero posts, as zero post members are one third of this forum.

    While the following spreadsheet is over one year old, it probably still represents the distribution:

    from post #31 here
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    Some interesting info there, glad I'm still here nearly six years later!

    That's why I love this place, eventually, you'll get your answer! ;)
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    how did you figure this out..?! awesome solution. sorry for bringing up an old post, but this was bothering me for so long, hope it helps more people too :)
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    Here's a better solution, I think, for custom user account photos.

    1. Put together a folder of photos you want to choose from for custom user accounts. Name it something that's clear to you; I named mine "Faces."
    2. Copy that folder into this folder: System>HD>Library>User Pictures
    It's that simple. Now -- in the Users & Groups preference pane -- you can also choose from any photos in your personal folder, and can add to that folder easily over time.

    Your pix will appear next to the "Defaults" tab in that pane.

    Dave, who currently uses a photo of his dog as his personal custom user account photo
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    thank you

    very helpful - nice to see that even the older questions get answered.


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