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Charging ipod via Firewire

Discussion in 'iPod' started by i4k20c, Oct 27, 2005.

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    Hey guys quesion-

    1. Is firewire for my 30 gig photo quicker than usb 2.0?

    2. Can i charge my ipod via firewire if my powerbooks lid is closed. (If my powerbook is sleeping)?

    -thank you
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    mad jew


    For all intents and purposes, yes. However the difference should be pretty marginal. USB 2.0 has a higher claimed speed but FireWire handles power separately so is faster in real life AFAIK. The difference is particularly noticeable over time, as the cables heat up.

    I'm not positive but I think it'll only charge if the PowerBook is plugged into the mains power. I know desktops can charge in their sleep, but I'm not positive about laptops, sorry. :eek:
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    That's what i mean, my powerbook would be plugged in, just it'd be put too sleep. Maybe i should call apple and ask them?

    What do you mean once the cord gets warmed up?
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    mad jew


    Probably no point in calling them about it. Someone here will know for certain.

    Although you can't feel it, the cables warm up during transfer resulting in a slightly slower connection. Since the FireWire has a separate power connection and the biggest culprit in heating things up is power, the USB cable is less susceptible to slow down over time for large transfers. Of course, in practice the difference is marginal at the most. Nothing to worry about really.

    Nevertheless, if given a choice I always use FireWire over USB. I find it to be a little bit faster.
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    Yes, I do this all the time, provided the powerbook is plugged in to the mains. I'm not 100% sure this applies to every powerbook - mine is a 1.5GHz 17 inch.

    Annoyingly, this doesn't work with the USB2 connection :mad:
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    Thank You

    Rather than create a new thread, i'm just going to pose this question in this thread hoping somone can help me..

    I know you can put the display only to sleep when the computer is inactive under energy saver... but how do i put it to sleep manually? Like is there some command or something that would allow me to put the monitor to sleep at my discression (sp?)..
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    btw i was asking about the charging thing b/c..i recently purchased a pb and gave my free ipod to my bro.. he is pretty computer illeterate at times and has a hard time reasoning that he has to charge the ipod while having it plugged into our windows pentium 3 1ghz usb 1.1 computer :p . Someone on this board is selling some parts, so i was thinking about grabing a dock and a firewire cable (so i can charge while i put my comp to sleep at nite) and jus give my usb wall charger to my bro..

    thanks for your help guys, really appreciate. Its a bit difficult switching to mac's when wanting to know of these little questions.. but so far i am loving it!
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    mad jew


    On laptops you can dim the screen to the point where it may as well be asleep. Just use the dim button (F1 on my iBook) until it looks black. The screen is still on and will remain so until the Energy Saver settings kick in but the for all intents and purposes, this is perfectly adequate and safe.

    Sweet, I thought so. :)
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    Rather than creating a new thread.
    I have the firewire cable and power brick from my 3G Ipod.
    Can I use that to charge my 5G? (When the ^#@! gets there that is)
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    mad jew


    To the best of my knowledge it'll charge but not sync. :)
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    There are a couple of freeware apps out there that activate sleep when you run the application or allow you to trigger it from the menu bar. A google search should find them.

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