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Check for Update Function (SOLVED)

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by alexskiing, Nov 4, 2007.

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    Does anyone know how to write a check for updates script? Or know where i could find an example?
    Just the back end like
    - (IBAction)update:(id)sender {
    //update script
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    Thanks, i will try this out
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    Does not seem to work

    The framwork does not seem to work with 10.5, has anyone gotten it to work? it is a coca app
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    I've had Sparkle updates to Transmission under 10.5, also I've compiled D&D Manager and Sparkle fine under 10.5, I have had no problems either as a user of developer.

    You need to follow the instructions in the PDF, and there is a sample "app feed" at the end.
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    I should have been more specific

    yes, thank you. I should have been more specific, I can not get the class to show up in interface builder for 10.5. i dont know if im looking in the wrong spot or not, but i go to file-> read class file, then when i click on UUpdater.h it does not show up.
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    Never Mind

    Sorry, i had a brain fart, i got it all taken care of

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