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check this out... FREEZE

Discussion in 'iPod' started by justinisham, Oct 16, 2005.

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    ok i JUSTTTTTTTTTT bought a 20 gig color ipod... it froze... cant do anything it was in the middle of a song... the light is on and display stuff... is there anything u can do? what do u do with the ipod? any one know? any help would be wonderful :mad:
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    Is there a reset button or can you pull the battery on those things? :confused:
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    Hold menu and the button in the middle until it restarts.
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    reset = hold down the center button and menu for a while until it restarts.

    I would not recommend ripping out the battery!

    and since you just got it.. warranty if it's messed up
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    DON"T PULL OUT THE BATTERY whatsoever...
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    Resetting as instructed above always does the job.

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