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Chrome for iOS Updated with Improved Google App Interoperability, Fullscreen iPad Support

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Google has updated its Chrome app to version 28, adding improved "interoperability with other Google Apps," which means links to YouTube, Maps, Google+, and Drive can now be opened in their respective apps rather than in the browser. According to Google, additional app integration will be added in the near future.

    With version 28 of Chrome, Google introduces a new feature that is designed to speed up page load times and reduce overall data usage, which is being sent out to users on a rolling basis.

    The update also includes improvements to voice search, fullscreen capabilities on the iPad, access to browser history, and bug fixes.
    Chrome is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Chrome for iOS Updated with Improved Google App Interoperability, Fullscreen iPad Support
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    If I use Google products, I'd still like true integration with iOS, i.e. clicking on a google map link in Safari opening Apple Maps, instead of webapp.
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    I was really waiting for this one.

    Seems Chrome has some bug fixes for iOS7 too. ;)
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    A Hebrew

    If only I could set this to my default browser...
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    Still no bookmark bar for the iPad! Why haven't they/won't they add it?!
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    google = badges :D
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    How about that official Music All Access app we're waiting for?
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    how bout improved icon?

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    Yeah, so lame. At least you can with a jailbreak :p
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    One thing I like about google is how they offer their services to anyone. Look at all the google apps for iOS - imagine if apple were the same way. There would be iWork, iLife, and Safari apps for android with cross platform iCloud sync.
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    They make 95% of their revenue from advertising. Apple does not. They offer these apps to iOS to monetize the users there, they aren't benevolent.
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    What needs to be improved?
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    GOOGLE is not doing this just to be nice guys; there is a huge financial consideration for them.

    And remove the incentive for people to buy APPLE hardware? After all, APPLE is more into hardware than GOOGLE is.
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    it's a petty comment but the chrome and drive icons don't match the cleanliness of the standard google app and google maps for example. they just took their standard icons and slapped them on black backgrounds with a gradient instead of actually designing something that fits the look/shape of the icon.

    it's just lazy designing on their part and leaves me a bit miffed.
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    how about for the convince of users? iCloud is hardly a incentive for people to buy APPLE hardware....

    Again, there will be loads of people will buy APPLE hardware regardless, so you don't have to worry about APPLE not selling its hardware.

    P.S. APPLE is more software than a hardware company, it just happened to be APPLE wants integration with software and hardware. So they make hardware runs its software. I would see, APPLE in core is the software company.
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    I would disagree. Apple is a "complete solution" company. They design the software, and in turn control and design the hardware to make sure their software runs perfectly. You can't have one without the other in Apple's case. My friend has a Hackintosh that while it is identical in hardware capabilities to a macbook, it definitely has some minor annoyances.
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    So it opens links with the apps Eric Schmidt wants you to use, with support for other apps "later". Insert your own "Google is open!" joke here. :p
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    You can easily leave them to open in browser, as is the default case. That's still more options/control than Apple's app provide.
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    Well, yes. But if you look at Apple's product line, Apple is more focus on software side than hardware. That's why I said, Apple is designing the hardware for the software.

    And for Hackintosh. I have Hackintosh as well, it runs perfectly smooth without any problem. I can get my Hackintosh boot correctly just like my MacBook Air and Mac Mini would. Yes, Hackintosh maybe has more issue than real Mac, but for the price advantage and raw power compare with real Mac, I think Hackintosh is worth the trouble.
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    And what is your opinion on the new safari icon?
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    Good luck witch catching up with Safari in iOS 7.
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    Google are the new MS. The next 'Evil Empire' ;) (At least, that seems the opinion of many on MacRumors...). But it's a tie between them and $amsung of course ;).
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    I don't think anyone is saying Google has altruistic motivations. Every company's business decisions have huge financial considerations. Google wants to make more money by reaching more people.:eek: Name one company that doesn't.

    Remove incentive? I could be wrong, but cross platforming iTunes was genius and didn't remove any incentive to buy Apple hardware. I would say it brought more people to Apple. In the most crass example I can think of, it's like a drug dealer. Give 'em a taste and they come back for more.
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    Wow, a major Chrome iOS update and this thread is still on page 1?

    This tells me most are still using Safari.
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    The performance sucks on the iPad 4. Clunkier than Safari.

    Pretty good on my iPhone 5. Nicely featured, solid performance.

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