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Clamshell Style Case

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by Stetwin, Sep 27, 2007.

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    A friends showed me a picture of a clamshell style case that he claimed to be for the iPod Touch, now I have searched high and low (even looking at iPhone cases) but I cant find them anywhere, it was a flip style case and was green in the picture, it also didn’t appear to have any fastener at the front (magnetic?) i wish i could give you guys more detail but my friend has gone away on holiday so i cant ask him or get the picture of it again, does anyone know which case he has shown me because if it was for the touch I would be interested in buying one,
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    i think you're talking about these cool cases. not out yet for the Touch and really expensive. i like them too.

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    Thats them :):):)

    Shame there for the iPhone and not the touch, but still a very nice case
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    Looks like they will be making them for the Touch. We just have to wait. I need something so bad for this iPod. I feel like i'm carrying an egg around. I know it's somewhat durable, i think just because it's new, i'm so careful with it. I was using an old 40GB case but the insides of the case were coming undone and GLUE was coming off onto the Touch.
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    $80 is kind of a lot for a case, I think I might go with the IClear from Griffin or something on the cheaper side

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