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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by -hh, Jan 27, 2003.

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    I'm sure that we all have a few old favorite games still on the hard drive that we still play every once in awhile.

    For example, I have a version of "Risk!" that I use occasionally while waiting for something big to finish download.

    Anyway, I'm having a problem with one such classic because it's old enough that it only supports 16 colors. Since the minimum in the current OS is 256 colors, this oldtimer refuses to run. do I temporarily configure my Mac to run @ 16 color depth?

    I know that there's old Mac emulators in the PC world, but is there something like an old OS 7.x Mac emulator that runs under 9/X?

    One would think that such a thing wouldn't be all that hard.

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    Dont Hurt Me

    sorry this is not an answer ---------------------throw away anything classic get it out of your computer and support OSX gaming and go buy some new stuff out there on 10. it all looks runs and feels better plus you would be amazed at what is out there for OSX----------------------- and you are supporting the platform! didnt they make a risk osx version if im not mistaking.
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    That last response was not very responsive.

    There is a Mac OS emulator that runs on Mac OS, I don't remember what it's called. It's the Mac equivalent of Basilisk, and I've seen it running, it runs very well.

    I have a bunch of these Classic games, too, and for all I know there are no Mac OS X ports of them. When I have a few moments to spare, I like to play Canfield. I don't want to start up a huge game of Warcraft III or Civilization III; I just want to play for a few minutes. It'd be nice if some of these little, simple games were ported to Mac OS X, but thus far, I can't find any.

    As for Risk, the one I have will run in 256 colors, but it won't run in millions. I just switch the monitor color depth when I want to run it. Same for Shanghai (Mah Jongg). If you try it and it absolutely won't work, email me and I will mail you the one that works in 256 colors.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    go to there you will find a osx version of risk its shareware and cost 5 bucks and you can forgt emulating! also check out all the free stuff demos etc. I love all this stuff coming to mac on X but feel many are missing out cause they just dont know!
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    there is a mac plus emulator called vMac. it runs very well if you can get the rom file and OS files. I've got system 1-7 for it. Works pretty well.

    One problem with some games on it though is that the modern processors are too fast for it. Playing macninja is not fun cause you get killed within a second or two. I tried a control strip module called G3 throttle to slow down the processor. Worked OK but made things jumpy. For a number of games though this emulator woudl work (and its fun to use things like the original macpaint)

    If you want it, let me know and I can email it to you when I get home this afternoon.
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    I think he's assuming that I'm unwilling to buy new games, which is not the case. As cubist goes on to say:

    The same applies here. The game in question is called "Patton Strikes Back" (1991), a simple (=fast playing) WW-II Bulge simulation. I'm sentimental about it because it contains my father's Infantry Unit (5th Div).

    My copy of Risk! runs fine in 256, and I similarly just switch down the monitor color depth. I was hoping that I could just do the same for a 16 color game, but the problem is that only 16 colors is no longer supported in the OS.

    FWIW, the oldest running application that I still have is a B&W version of "Reversi" from 1986. I keep it for no particular reason except than mentioning that I can still easily run an 18 year old application for some odd reason tends to make Windows Users upset :D

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    I did some research and it turns out that there is a Mac OS X version of Basilisk.

    It takes some tuning, but it can be run and it runs OK.

    Good luck.

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