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clean install step by step

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by neilk2350, Feb 4, 2008.

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    anyone want to post step by step instructions for doing a clean install with a mba and show how to save the maximum amount of space?
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    And please explain how this can be done using a remote disk.

    Thanks alot
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    Wouldn't the reinstallation process be the same as any other Mac?
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    not if you want to save space. then you have to go in and choose all kinds of options. on a regular mac you just choose clean install. also i am gonna use a powered usb optical drive. over the air will be way to slow.
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    Probably, just the complication of installing OS X via Remote Disk...

    Why not just remove the crap from the factory install. Seem to remember there was a util called Monolingual for Tiger that was quite effective.
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    I guess you're mainly going to be limiting the languages installed, as well as print drivers. If you don't use some of the iLife apps (Garageband and iDVD being the most common) you can save quite a bit of space by not installing those also.

    A step-by-step guide seems excessive.
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    according to the posts above they cant be unchecked. so you have to remove them manually
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    Posts above? Did you mean to reply to a thread then, as there's no mention of not being able to uncheck languages and printer drivers and whatnot in any posts that I can see..
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    sorry it's in the waiting for macbook forum. someone said you cant uncheck ilife
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    Even if that's true, the various iLife apps' locations are going to be the exact same on an MBA as on any other Mac, so instructions for removal there are the same.
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    I'm doing one right now. This is the first mac I've had to look at the instruction manual. It certainly takes a while but I am able to not install GarageBand, iDVD and iMovie, as well as X11. I'm installing only HP printer drivers and no languages but English, French, Spanish and German. The installer says I will have 46.4 GB available. When I tried removing on my own I had about 40 GB available.
    Here goes...
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    so where is the option for not installing them? i'm not big on instruction manuals
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    In customize once you choose the HD to install onto, I didn't look in the manual for it, I just looked when I got to the screen, it's a button on the bottom.
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    It finished clean install without Garageband, iMovie, iDVD, x11 and most languages and printer drivers. I now have 44.42 GB available. I originally had 38.79 available out of the box.
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    great. someone else suggested xslimmer...
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    It took close to 1.5 hours but I figured this is cleaner and since I was just starting I wanted the cleanest install. I can do iDvD and iMovie on my Mac Pro or Mac Book Pro and I never touch GarageBand anyway and the support files for GarageBand are large. Now if I install CS3 I'll know I at least gave myself as much room as possible.

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    i had check boxes to get rid of the printer drivers fonts idvd etc. but garageband was greyed out. why wasn't i given that choice?
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    Did you choose erase and install?
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    I messed around with the iLife settings and was able to choose not to install it, but I wanted iWeb and iPhoto, so I had to choose Garage Band and iMovie. iMovis isn't that big, but Garageband loops etc, are over 1GB. Have to figure out how to remove the loops etc when it completes.

    I saved alot of space, cause I don't print and don't speak another language.
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