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Click2Flash on Air

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ghsNick, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Okay so I obviously want my battery life to be better but I also want the option for Flash.

    Should I : Install Adobe Flash Player > Install Adblock


    Should I : Install Adobe Flash Player > Install Click2Flash

    Which one is going to save my battery more?

    And where's a LEGIT download for Click2Flash?
    There are so many sites that have it but I want it from the original source.
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    x2. I use both.

    For Safari, click on Safari > Safari Extensions... They're both normally in the Top 10.
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    Definitely both.
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    Is their an extension for Chrome too?

    (Sorry I'm at work so I can't check myself...)

    Is ClickToFlash the same as Click2Flash
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    Isn't there a problem with flash at the mo? May be worth holding off nstalling until they release a fix, alternatively use chrome browser for flash when needed and safari when you don't. That way you needed not install anything extra from Adobe.
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    I just use Chrome and toggle Flash on and off as I need it. No need for the extras other than adblock.
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    The "problem" with flash is the same problem thats existed since its incarnation on Mac, it slows the system down. Other than that its functioning as normal.

    Apple took away hardware accelleration for Flash, so its uses up a lot more resources in Lion.

    But yeah, OP, install both. Working fine for me.
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    You know what i just loaded up chrome for the first time today as i read this thread

    I went and tried flash on youtube and it was only using 12-15% cpu. I was quite surprised i was expecting 50-60%

    I will stick with safari as i lost the gesture browsing and with no flash that dodgy banners out killing cpu. Plus, html5 works really well, single figure cpu% sometimes!

    bbc iplayer which runs higher bitstream flash movies is using 20-25% cpu.... so still excellent in my book... for flash that is.
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    Confused on this one...

    Can I install adobe flash? i went to youetube to play a file but it was asking me to install flash but lion wasnt listed as a version only 10.6 is there for DL? do I download that version?

    or do I DL click2flash?

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    Yeah I installed a demo version for Lion...it said I needed Flash.
    But I installed Adobe Flash and ClickToFlash...but if I can uninstall Adobe and just use ClickToFlash (assuming it will still work) I'll do that if that still works.
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    Demo version of Adobe flash or Demo version of click2flash?

    if so where do i get click2flash from for lion?

    also does this mean i cannot see youtube videos on firefox?

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    I've had no problems with Flash on Chrome/Nightly/Canary/Safari. I did however have to ditch Safari because the memory usage is out of this world. Up to 500Mb with one tab.

    Edit: I have no idea how I posted that in this thread. I meant to post that in the thread about a problem with Flash with Lion.
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    Apple did not take away hardware acceleration for Flash. Adobe themselves came out and admit that they were incompetent enough to properly update their software.
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    sorry to be so silly but....

    when i searched nothing came up for click2flash or demo version of flash.

    thanks for the help.
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    instead of searching just scroll down on the webpage and you will see clicktoflash. Its the latest version.
  18. sillyrabbitt, Jul 24, 2011
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    thanks for the help.... sorry a few more questions though

    1: How do I get flash or click2flash for firefox
    2: How do I watch youtube in firefox?
    3: where do i and do i need to DL a demo of flash?

    I just DL adobe flash and its working fine so far in FF but not sure if its going to eat mt battery.

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    Anyone having issues with Click2Flash on Lion? Ive installed it and no dice after reboot. It isn't enabling.
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    1. click2flash is a flash blocker that stops flash from running unless you click on the individual flash elements. You could try something like this for firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/flashblock/

    2-3. You need to download the flash plugin from adobe. I’m on Snow Leopard, so I don’t know what works with Lion, but others in the thread had suggestions and it looks like you have it working? Getting an adblocker and something like click2flash will ensure that unnecessary flash ads/whatever don’t eat up your battery or clog your cpu.
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    for Firefox, you can use the FlashBlock addon. Flash Player is free to install. For watching any flash content, both this addon and Click2Flash show you an icon where flash content would be. Clicking on this icon plays the flash content like normal. With Click2Flash, I think you can set it to play youtube movies in HTML5.
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    If your main flash usage is youtube, check out HTML 5: http://www.youtube.com/html5

    And a question, the flash problem is on the OS, right? Is it a problem in Windows on Mac?
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    Installing clicktoflash via the Safari extension works fine, and for youtube it switches the format of the videos. Only problem I have is that Safari is a lousy browser that devours ram and then forces my computer to start swapping from the HD.
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    Clicktoflash does not seem to work on Lion (new MBA 13" 2001)....?....

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