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Closing the CEO Hybrid (Near Impossible)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by iMule, May 16, 2011.

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    This is a slick iPad 2 case, but honestly, closing it is damn near impossible unless you gouge the top and bottom clip into your iPad. I think Marware needed to go with a better closing design. No doubt they did a good job on everything else...

    I'm starting to wonder if I'm breaking in the case or the iPad... kinda like your eyes getting used to contacts. :)
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    I had problems with mine and they sent me another one. The replacement worked MUCH better. Worth a try.
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    Try contacting them. If anything you could return it if still in the time frame.
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    I agree - closing it is a pain (got mine yesterday only for the one I got off Amazon UK to arrive today!!)... The gouging required is starting to take my back BodyGuardz off...
    I got mine off eBay so not sure that return is an option.
    Just ordered the Marware Microshell Folio to replace it...

    I was also surprised with how much weight the hybrid adds!!
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    Mine was the same way, i pulled on the top and bottom tabs a bit to open them up so they would not clamp so hard (just a little tug will do a few times). I close the bottom one first and push up on the top one and now it just snaps in, not too much pressure but still a very positive clip to ensure it is closed.
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    Ok cool. Well, the first one I got from amazon was SUPER hard to secure the clips when closing. I tried to loosen them up a bit and one snapped, so I got a free replacement. This one seems better and like one of you said, I secure the top in and pull the bottom over.

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